Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Bat, the Cat and Bane

Did you hear?!
Anne Hathaway is gonna be Salina Kyle in the new Batman movie?! How great is that?! I realize that they specifically didn't say Catwoman because they are probably doing some twist on it but whatever. That doesn't matter. How thrilling.
And Tom Hardy as Bane? Oh my gosh.
Let's be real here. I only saw The Dark Knight once. It's a terrific film and everything and I get that. But I have never once wanted to re-watch it. I remember not even being all that excited when it came out. But this. THIS. This is exciting.
You know Catwoman is my favorite right? I mean, she is. Michelle Pfieffer was so delicious and you can say what you want about that movie but I love it and I don't care.
This was an exciting day for entertainment. Yes it was.

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