Saturday, January 29, 2011

They did it again

If you haven't seen the opening monologue from SNL this week, then you probably shouldn't read this. But during Jesse Eisenberg's opening monologue, SNL did something genius. See, we know he was nominated for an Oscar for portraying Mark Zuckerberg and we know that the head of Facebook wasn't exactly thrilled with this film being made. But by having them both on there together, they created tomorrow's headlines.
See, SNL has the ability to do something that very few shows on television have the ability to do and that's to shape the cultural landscape. By having the both of them on there together, they have placed themselves in the news path of everyone from entertainment to business to technology, suddenly making SNL event television again.
As much as SNL has lost a lot of its funny over the past few years, they haven't lost the knack for creating headlines and remaining a staple of American television. They remain a relevant show by allowing moments like that to happen and by doing that, they keep the doors open for stars to come on there. I mean, there was Sarah Palin coming on there at the same time as Tina Fey doing her impression of her. There have been countless huge stars that have randomly shown up during Weekend Update, and remember when Barbra showed up during Coffee Talk with Linda Richmond? (yes, I was too young at that point but I've seen the clip)

SNL, whether it's on a funny streak or not, remains the one show that you can count on creating moments that people will be talking about and it's because of those moments that this show remains successful. You never know who is going to randomly show up and create a tick-mark on the pop culture landscape. I mean, Janet Reno coming onto SNL and confronting Will Ferrel portraying her? That's gold. And yes, I wish it would be funnier every week, it's still the show that you have to watch to make sure you don't miss the next Ashlee Simpson.

My new calling

You know you really miss something is when you start dreaming about it and I think it's a sort of surprise really when you realize...wait...I really miss them.
No. I'm not talking about a person. That would make more sense wouldn't it? No, I'm talking about something that's been a part of my life since I was a child. A staple of my existence. Something that people have come to count on when with me. Yes. I'm talking about nachos.
Last night, I dreamt of nachos. The perfect plate of Tex-Mex nachos. It's been only two weeks but I know it'll be much longer until I get them again. I know what you're thinking. It's just nachos. You can get them anywhere. False.
I love food. There's no way around it. And I'm gonna miss Tex-Mex. See. Manhattan doesn't really know how to do Tex-Mex. I've had good versions of what they consider Tex-Mex, but it's not actually that. And they can do ballpark nachos like they invented the concept. But when it comes to using refried beans, cheese and chicken, they just can't figure out how to make those three things sit perfectly on the perfectly proportioned chip.
So I think it's going to become necessary for me to introduce my friends up here to what real Tex-Mex is. I have a mission and I'm going to convert the people in my life. See, there's the Walmart version of homemade Tex-Mex and then there's the real version. I'm going to bring the real version to these folks.
This is my new calling. Tex-Mex parties. To convert the masses. (or just an excuse to make it so I can eat it...whatever works)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Watch out for that tree

I have something to confess. I have a strange affection for the movie George of the Jungle. Picture it. It's 1997 and Brendan Frasier still has his long hair from Encino Man. This great kids movie comes out based on the cartoon that we loved from Cartoon Network. (Didn't you just love it when they played it back to back with Rocky and Bullwinkle? Fractured Fairy Tales?! Come on people, it was classic! Now kids have all kinds of crap to watch that took no time at all to create on some computer. I miss the old cartoons. The Saturday mornings I spent in front of my TV were so much more quality than kids have now. Well, except for Bobby's World. That show was complete crap.)
Let's look at this film shall we? Now, we expect our comic book movies to be darker, more realistic, grittier. But this movie is pretty much the live action version of the original cartoon. Not a lot of substance, not the best writing, and a lot of slapstick. What's wrong with that? I mean, why is that not okay? Some people have even said it's one of the worst movies they've ever seen.
Maybe it is.
But I don't care. It's fun and sometimes you just want to watch something fun and stupid. Actually, it's a great motivational tool. I need to get fit for some upcoming events I have planned and let me tell you, watching this would make pretty much anyone feel determined to look more like George. Well, perhaps not the hair or the loincloth. Yeah. Not those.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A three-fold amazing day

It would be fitting that today three amazing things happened.
The first two things coincided with one another. I was on a train out to the Bronx (It was worth related. Trust me. I don't think there's a reason to go out to the Bronx in the morning...or the night...or anytime really) and as the train came above ground, it was snowing the most beautiful find of snow you've ever seen. Huge flakes, just slowly falling to the ground. How stunning. That was the first amazing thing. The second happened at the same time. I got cell phone service and I was able to check the Oscar nominations a mere ten minutes after they were announced. That was the second amazing thing. Because let me tell you, Oscar nomination day is on my calendar. And that means something. I don't have most people's birthdays on my calendar. But Oscar nomination day? That's there. And Nicole got nominated for Rabbit Hole, which has slowly become one of my favorite movies of this past year. Plus, the first promo picture of the fetal-Oscar hosts was released and they look great. Really great. So while Christopher Nolan should have been nominated for Best Director and shamefully wasn't, the Oscar noms equal an amazing thing today.
The third thing was that I got the apartment I've been trying to get. In a very few number of hours, I will be in my own my city...relaxing.
Three amazing things happened. Well, four if you count that I've discovered the love for White Collar. It's been a good day. Yesterday was a really bad day. Today? Not so much bad as it was awesome. Praise Him.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Bat, the Cat and Bane

Did you hear?!
Anne Hathaway is gonna be Salina Kyle in the new Batman movie?! How great is that?! I realize that they specifically didn't say Catwoman because they are probably doing some twist on it but whatever. That doesn't matter. How thrilling.
And Tom Hardy as Bane? Oh my gosh.
Let's be real here. I only saw The Dark Knight once. It's a terrific film and everything and I get that. But I have never once wanted to re-watch it. I remember not even being all that excited when it came out. But this. THIS. This is exciting.
You know Catwoman is my favorite right? I mean, she is. Michelle Pfieffer was so delicious and you can say what you want about that movie but I love it and I don't care.
This was an exciting day for entertainment. Yes it was.

May it be

I don't embed a lot of videos but these girls are so good and I felt I should share.
This is the song by Enya from the Lord of the Rings movie...I don't remember which one. Does it matter? No.
There are just some songs that you hear and they sooth your soul. This is one of those such songs.

The first day

The first day of school has always been somewhat of a disaster for me. On my first day of high school, I missed the bus and was late to my first class but if that wasn't enough, my teacher reprimanded me for it and made an example of my apparently intentional tardiness. It was mortifying.
On my first day of summer school in college, my car had a flat tire and I then proceeded to go to the wrong class. Perhaps that's my own fault for being confused, but as it did occur on the first day of class, it's allowed.
I just moved to the city. That's not actually true though. I have been here since August doing an internship and finishing my Masters, but it's true to say that I just moved here for good. Yesterday. And as exciting as that is, I should have moved here a week ago but didn't. The reason? The first day of school.
I thought I had an apartment squared away. It was perfect. Close to everything, reasonably priced, furnished and perfect for me, a single guy in my late twenties with perhaps mild delusions of changing the world and living the life I've always dreamed of...straight out of college. But as the saying goes, it actually was too good to be true. Turned out to be one big scam, thus preventing me from moving here when I expected to and throwing a wrench in, what I believed to be, the best plans in the world. So my first day of school, getting to the city, had a giant flat tire and as much as I try to be optimistic and say things like "Well, what's an adventure without a few bumps in the road," the truth of the matter is that the bumps in the road suck. A lot.
But if I've learned anything thus far, is that the bumps should be expected. Especially here in Manhattan. Real estate is crazy and everyone knows it, transportation during the winter can be incredibly taxing (not to mention expensive thanks to the rate hikes at MTA) But the bumps happen. I would have thought that the first day of work would have been the stressful part of this whole transition but let me tell you, easy sailing there.
It's about 2:45 on the first day of my first real job out of college, I've met every single person in the office, forgotten all of their names (including the fella I share this office with...Matt, I think it is), spent every moment trying to familiarize myself with the company so I won't look like a fool if someone asks me a question and presumes I should know the answer, and have tried to prove that I'm on top of things and better than whoever was here before me. I don't know if it's a fact or not, but I want to believe that I'm trying hard. Tomorrow is the real first day. The day that real work has to be done and time isn't absorbed by all the things that you do on the first day of school. That's where the real challenge will begin. Onward.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mingle Cam

New life goal alert.
Get on the 'mingle cam.'
In watching the Critic's Choice Awards tonight, before they would cut to commercial, they would show everyone there mingling together, talking and taking pictures. New life goal. Being in there on that mingle cam, mingling with the famous folks.
Because how awesome would it be to just get as many pictures with the celebs as possible? I mean, basically, it would be a fun game. Almost like a scavenger hunt for the famous. Perhaps it needs to be an online competition or something. It would definitely be something worth scrapbooking. Maybe I would start my own Oprah wall of me with celebrities? I could see that being something really fun.
So yes. New life goal. Mingle Cam.

It's time to play the music...

This picture makes me happy for a great many reasons.
Reason number one. The Muppets are back on the screen. It's about time that the Muppets were back in movie theaters and while there are all sorts of updates and everything about the new Muppets movie, it's nice to see that it's being shot.
Reason number two. Guest stars. All of the Muppet movies are full of celebrities doing cameo after cameo and it's good that this one is no exception. I actually got this picture off of Kathy Griffin's twitter feed and obviously, she's in it. But so is Billy Crystal and she also said Ricky Gervais. Of course there will be plenty more cameos in it since we know that's what we love. People interacting with puppets. The bread of life.
Reason number three. This is perhaps the biggest of the three reasons. On the right hand side of the photo, you can see the puppeteer who is controlling the Muppet. How often do you actually see how they make the Muppets happen? I don't know that I've ever actually seen it. I think maybe once on SNL I saw the puppeteer that was controlling Kermit but that was a cameraman mistake. I love that we can see this guy.
Bring it on. I love the Muppets and today, this made me incredibly happy.
I think there should be more incredibly happy films out there. Perhaps it's just because I've been seeing all the films nominated for the Globes, but it wouldn't hurt anyone to watch something happy.
This clip has made me unbelievably happy since I was 2 years old.

You know I love it when a Muppet goes "oooooh."

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm a Taurus

So the Zodiac thing has a bunch of people thrown for a loop. I love that.
I never believed in astrology. Besides the fact that it's just silly, I think I read an expired horoscope one time and thought...that didn't happen. At all.
So this whole thing hasn't done anything to hinder my life at all. But just for kicks, I decided to look up my horoscope today and comment on whatever it says.
And it reads:
Make an effort to correct areas of your life that need shoring up and make compromises with others to smooth out any difficult relationships. Self-expression is accomplished through helping others at this time.

Compromise? Smoothing difficult relationships out by compromising? Sorry. That's just not me at all. Bring on the fight. I fully believe in shouting it out, perhaps throwing your keys on the ground, stomping on the stairs to prove a know, normal, rational adult type things. 
And why shouldn't we? Why should we only allow all the good tantrums to be had on TV? Why can't we have a dramatic real life as well? Sometimes, it feels great to purge out those feelings and just have an out of control moment. I feel that if we all had more out of control moments, we would electively be more in charge of the remainder of our moments. 
So that's what the Zodiac taught me today. To throw keys and shout a lot. Oh wait. I've done that already.

More comic book heroes

And yet again...another superhero movie picture is released today. How interesting that they're all coming out so closely to each other...
I have question marks about this one, especially since we don't really need a Captain America movie. It seems like they are running out of heroes and now are just cycling through other ones in search of a quick buck. And wasn't he already in a comic movie? Was he not in Fantastic Four? What's with people being more than one superhero? I don't get that. This isn't a Han Solo/Indiana Jones sort of thing or even an Iron Man/Sherlock Holmes sort of thing. These are both superheroes. Can you not just be one and leave the other ones alone?
I'm starting to lose the love for these movie.s They need to get their act together. And why Captain America again? Why not Captain Planet? I mean, he's our hero right? Gonna take pollution down to zero? Where's his movie?

...does whatever a spider can...

I never understood why they would be making another Spider Man movie, much less rebooting the entire franchise and starting over when it hasn't even been a decade since the last movie. But, like all things that don't make sense, Hollywood is doing it. 
The first image of Spider Man has been released now, probably so they can start the press now with Andrew Garfield being at all the award shows this season for The Social Network. Smart on their part. 
Honestly? I dig it. I hope it's grittier. I hope it's darker. I hope it's great. It would be such a shame to reboot something like this (that again, didn't need to be rebooted in the first place) and for it to suck. 
It also doesn't come out until 2012 so it's not like this is something that's happening soon. So I'm kinda wondering why we needed a picture this early. 
Why can't anything be a surprise anymore? You know? Why do we feel like we need to know everything about everything immediately? Remember when they were filming Sex and the City and there were paparazzi shots every single day of the ladies? Why? Why can't we just see it when we see the movie? No one remembers the old adage that good things come to those who wait, but perhaps this doesn't work in Hollywood since waiting doesn't always equate to movies being good. 

Pop star fails

Why do pop stars get themselves into so much trouble? It's something I've never understood. They have everything in the world going for them and they continue to turn to excessive amounts of drugs and alcohol. I realize they have it readily available to them, but that doesn't mean you have to take it. It's like they sign their record contracts and sign away their self control as well.
Well, AJ is back in rehab. You remember him. He is one of the Backstreet Boys. Well he's back in rehab because of more substance problems. Why? Why can't you get a grip? Especially when you don't have anything better to do. You've got all the money in the world and your band is doing nothing. Get help dude. It's just one of those things I don't really understand. Pop star fail.
Speaking of pop star fails. Have you heard Ricky Martin's new song? I listened to it since Joss Stone sings on it and you know I love me some Joss Stone. Right. It's dreadful. And I don't know if this is supposed to be a comeback foray into American music again but it's bad. Really bad. He looks good and all and has his life together, but come on. And with that simple little video? We don't care for simple. We need something worth talking about. I suppose that since I'm talking about it, perhaps it worked.
But back to the rehab thing. Of course it's a good thing that he's getting help. Of course it is. I just don't understand where it begins in the first place. Perhaps I should be a bit more understanding like I was with the Hoarders thing, but I just don't get this. Especially with people who have nothing financial to worry about. Nothing at all. That's what really drive me crazy in my own life, financial difficulties. So why would these people who have that part of their life so under control, choose to allow another part of their life to spiral so out of control?
All I know is that if Taylor Swift ends up in rehab, there's no hope for anyone and we might as well add into musicians' contracts that they have to attend this rehab for this amount of time in order to be considered a star. You know I love Britney but come on. Build a wall, don't go out as much, behave. Good behavior doesn't lead to stints in rehab. But it does apparently lead to dreadful pop songs by Ricky Martin.

Repeat after me: I will not be a hoarder.

Are you one of the millions that watches Hoarders? I'm not really but I couldn't not watch this episode that just aired. Why? Rats.
The man on this episode hoards rats. There are over two thousand rats inside this man's home. Well, it used to be his home. He had to move into his office since there were so many rats that he couldn't sleep. You know, since they'd get into his pillows and pull out his hair for nesting. He also said the rats like whatever is wet so he didn't like them licking his eyeballs. For real.
If you've never watched this show, it's kinda like an intervention and people that still love these hoarders are interviewed about all the reasons why they need to change their lives. My favorite quote from a friend?
"The rats kinda took the place of his wife you know? Kinda buried his depression a little bit."
I understand. He lost his wife and everyone grieves differently. But rats? Rats?
I happen to know a couple OCD folks who are clinically OCD. I like to make light of my personal OCD tendencies and my being very "Monica" about things. But clinical OCD is a different machine. I can deal with ice crunching or an unclean kitchen but these folks on this show actually CAN NOT handle things. I mean, this man was crying about mother rats being separated from their baby rats! But you've gotta love A&E. I mean, they have brought out the Humane Society and all kinds of "rat specialists" and they are talking about this man having to make the decision to euthanize a rat that has his intestines hanging out.
I've heard Kathy Griffin talk about this show and how she can't stop watching it. I don't blame her anymore. This is a fascinating look at people. And by people, I mean the woman that is dealing with this man. I have never seen someone so patient in my entire life. Dr. Robin Zasio is unbelievably patient and understanding while she's trying to help this man.
I know that I'm usually making fun of crazy folks on here but this was fascinating and yes, he's crazy and yes, rats are not okay but I'm trying to be good here since Dr. Robin kinda blew me away.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New shows fighting for my attention...and getting it

I was priding myself this year that I didn't take on a single new show. Not a one. Of course over the course of one day, I have taken on two. Not to say I'll be sticking with them, but I did watch two new shows today and enjoyed them both.
The first was The Middle, you know, the show with Patricia Heaton? I've been reading that it's a really great show and that more people should be watching it, but you know how much TV I already watch so I didn't bother to watch it. But tonight I watched two episodes and they were both funny to the point where I laughed out loud. It was so clever and witty and you know I love a show that surprises me.
The second show was the new ABC show Off The Map. Now look, I have stopped watching Grey's Anatomy and I don't care how good people say it's been, I don't have time. But this was created by the same gal and since it's clearly shot in the same place that LOST was shot, I thought I would give it a shot. But that's not really the reason is it? No. The real reason is because Mamie Gummer is on it. Who's that? It's Meryl Streep's daughter. And I think she's awesome. So I gave it a shot. I don't think I will stick with this one forever honestly, I don't have the space in my head for the medical shows, and I have real questions about this one.
Did we really need that Avatar moment where the pond was blue and shimmery? I don't care if that is a real thing or not, it was a bit heavy handed and fabricated a moment that was a little far fetched. I do realize that all moments on television are fabricated, but when they're especially contrived (Gabby and the baby switching plotline on Housewives anyone?) I don't know what to do with it. And please, let's not look over the teaser for next week with the guy that has an anaconda wrapped around him. There are so many things wrong with that. Really? In what scenario is that feasible? An anaconda? Wrapped around the guy with its fangs in the guy? I've watched enough Discovery Channel to know that the snake would choke the life outta that guy. Whatever.But I did like the fact that at least this medical show was in the tropics and that swimsuits will be worn often.

I should go ahead and say here that I did watch the episode of Castle because it had Gilles Marini on it and it was very enjoyable. I've actually enjoyed that show when I've watched it. I just don't have enough time to watch all the shows that are good on TV. I would consider The Middle to be one of those shows. Jury's still out on Off the Map on whether it will be considered a good show or not. We'll see how the anaconda thing goes.

Fockering this way

My obsession with Laura Dern started with the release of Jurassic Park. Honestly, it could have been anyone and I would have loved it. But it was Laura Dern so here we are. And there she was, running away from Velociraptors in my favorite movie, her shoulder bleeding, trying to get back to Alan and the kids.
Well, she popped up in Little Fockers today and I couldn't have been more happy to see her there. I don't really know why I like seeing her in movies so much, but I do.
Perhaps it was the film We Don't Live Here Anymore. It was one of the first indie movies that I really ever saw and it had the kind of emotionally charged performances that I've come to really want in a movie.
But for some reason, I've stuck with her and I wished she acted more.
Do you have anyone like that? Anyone that you like seeing on screen for some reason but you don't really know why? It's strange isn't it? I guess it's one of those things where you see something when you're a kid and because you love it so much, it will always be something that has a special place in your heart. Even after you're older and you realize that maybe it wasn't as big of a deal as you thought it was (Saved By the Bell anyone?) Not that she isn't talented or anything. She's won a Golden Globe and has been nominated for an Oscar. Maybe she just needs a really great role to jump back into the game? Maybe she could play a lesbian with a meth addiction who has two kids that she beats and who cries a lot. That's the best way back to Oscar.
So yeah. Laura Dern. Little Fockers. I'm happy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dusting off some heroes

I've been on this old TV kick, but it's been old superhero TV.
I will be honest. I'd never seen an episode of the Green Hornet before today, but because of a marathon on SyFy, I can not say that I've seen four or five episodes. It's interesting to me because if that show was on today, it wouldn't even last through the pilot. It's also interesting because he's got that Clark Kent thing going on, you know, just put on a little mask and no one will know it's you? And I guess I had ideas about what this show would be like and I expected some sort of real villains and stuff. Yeah, that's not really what it is.
But I've also been watching Batman, you know, the series from the 60s. Now I've seen most of those episodes before I think because I used to watch it on TV Land all the time. You remember TV Land. It's the channel that now plays King of Queens and calls is classic?
And you'd think that the first villain on Batman would be the most famous villain right? Not really. It was The Riddler actually. But I will say this. It was overwhelmingly refreshing to watch the first episode of a show and there not be any back story, no origins tale and no long explanation. It started, Riddler's been at it again, gotta call Adam West, done.

There's a simplicity of these shows that is refreshing. Everything on TV now is so high concept, so complex and has so many twists and turns and that's what we love. But audiences then just wanted something spoon fed to them apparently. Maybe they just hadn't experienced the level of television that we have now. I dunno. But really, I've enjoyed watching these shows and experiencing a simpler form of entertainment. Well, that and you've got to love the original BOOM, BOOM and POWs of Batman.

Looking ahead

All this talk of the past year has made me start thinking about the things I'm excited about for 2011. I'm moving to a new place, starting a new job, gaining a new outlook on life (hopefully we all strive for that each year) and starting a new adventure. But that's real life. Let's talk about movies. There are so many movies coming out this year that will try to get me to come see them in the theater but not all of them will succeed. Let's dive right in shall we?

I'm excited about the movie I Am Number Four. I think there's something interesting about it, almost like a superhero movie for now. No suits or capes, just seemingly normal looking folks doing big things. I think it looks interesting. That's in February.

I'm also excited about The Adjustment Bureau mostly because of Emily Blunt. I mean, Matt Damon is great and all, but I'm really excited about seeing her in another starring role. Did you see The Young Victoria? She was magnificent. That's in March.

What about Water for Elephants? I knew you wanted to know. Yes. I can't wait to see it. It looks very much like a movie I'd like to see and I'm honestly hoping for the best here with Rob Pattinson. Perhaps a real role can bring something out in him we didn't know was there? That's in April.

Of course then it's all about Thor. Did you used to collect the X-Men trading cards when you were younger? No? Just me and my fat friend who melted down white chocolate easter bunnies and ate them with a spoon from a bowl? Okay. Well, I had the Thor card so now I wanna see the movie. That's in May.

But of course, the film of the year is Harry Potter, there's no question about that. I mean, this will be the end of the most successful film franchise in the history of movies (check the numbers people, I'm right), not to mention the end of an era of our lives. Perhaps we should start camping out now. That's in July.
August has Mr. Popper's Penguins, my father's favorite book that he used to read to us. Jim Carrey and a bunch of penguins. I mean, those are two pretty great things together.

November's got The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made, which will hopefully live up to the title and remind everyone that the Muppets are awesome again and toward Christmas we have New Year's Eve, the psuedo-sequel to Valentine's Day. I liked the Valentine's Day movie and so I'm hoping that they can do it again with this one. Perhaps we make the storylines a bit more involved and realistic this time? But still, I'm ready for it.
Movies. 2011. Could be good. Hopefully will be a better batch that 2010 had because let me tell you, with the exception of a few, this year was full of clunkers.

One step

You know, life is funny sometimes. And sometimes, life really isn't. I'm very much a planner and I like to have things planned out far in advance (just ask me what's going to be in the November/December issue of BLEEP and I can tell you) but sometimes, that's just not feasible. And I don't really understand it when things don't go our way, especially when all signs point to them working out. (Backstory: I had plans, they caved in, I'm starting from scratch)
But I digress. I've been given an opportunity to have a week of rest before I move and start my new job and I'm going to take full advantage of it. All the going, going, going is enough to drive any person crazy and so I'm kinda grateful that I have this chance to rest some.
There's this giant unknown factor right now that I'm oddly at peace about but at the same time skeptical of. I'm skeptical because who knows what the events of the next few weeks are going to look like. I live in New York, I'm used to the hustle but it's usually an organized hustle. A scheduled hustle. But now it seems that the hustle will be on the fly, a little chaotic and certainly unorganized.
I had a moment yesterday, after my plans caved, where something inside of my switched gears and I just had to tackle this problem. For real. It was like something inside of me just clicked into "momentum rejuvenation" mode and I had to find the rational next step. I'm thankful that I have that instinct and I can't sit and stew in my own confusion for very long before it kicks in.
I don't really know what the point of this blog is, other than the fact that I'm hopeful and very interested in whatever the next step will be. Mostly because I have no idea what that next step is.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My girl!

Let 2011 really begin! Britney's new single is out!
Look, I know that we live in a world of GaGa, hip-hop songs about nothing of substance and rock bands that whine. But I think it's important to remember that without Britney, there'd be no GaGa in the first place and it's also important to remember that Britney has sold something like 70 million albums.
And let's face it, the build up has been quite spectacular. Bloggers have been trying to find as many tidbits of facts about her album and speculating about when the music would debut. But now it is and it didn't disappoint.
To be honest, it kinda reminds me of when Oops came out. The type of song that has a killer beat but also has all the music video dance breaks built into it. It's clear that Britney wants to be back on top and at the forefront of the conversation and since she's not going to be strange like GaGa, she's going to do it the best way she knows how. Perfect dance music.
I also like how it doesn't exactly sound like everything else on the radio. The beat is similar but the sound of it doesn't sound exactly like the other gals on the radio. AND - I like how it's not a song about how the music in the club is so great...and that's it.
I've been a fan since I saw her in the mall before her first album come out. And I'm still here, being a fan. I can't wait for the album. She's still my girl.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holmes strikes again

You know how I feel about Katie Holmes. Or do you? Let's refresh shall we?
Katie Holmes. Hot girl on Dawson's Creek. Did nothing. Married rich. Brainwashed. Bad movie. Bad movie. Bad movie. 
Now she's been photographed all over the place filming this miniseries, The Kennedys, about JFK obviously, and today, it was announced by The History Channel, that they won't be airing it. Right. After it's been completely filmed and everything, after viewing the entire thing, the channel decided not to air it at all. The exact quote?
 “After viewing the final product in its totality, we have concluded this dramatic interpretation is not a fit for the History brand. We recognize historical fiction is an important medium for storytelling and commend all the hard work and passion that has gone into the making of the series, but ultimately deem this as the right programming decision for our network.”
How delicious is this? I mean, it's juicy. This means it's not factual and not good. Especially if The History Channel won't air it. They'd probably rather air some reality show about shooting guns or something anyways, but still. How great is this? Some cable channel will eat this thing up and try to make something of it, but it will always have this albatross around it's neck...that's it's not true. 
So here's to you Katie Holmes. Something else you were in, yet again, has collapsed. Perhaps it's time to leave Tom and start your quest to become the next Nicole Kidman. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Early spring cleaning with a Rabbit

I saw Rabbit Hole this morning and let me tell you, I have been grieving ever since. It was like I went on this journey with these two parents who lost their son in a car accident.
It was gut-wrenchingly powerful. When it was over I wanted to curl up and sob or throw up or go for a run or eat all day or something. The performances by the actors were brilliant and I can't say enough about it but really, it was the type of film that took you on the journey of grieving with this couple.
I'm not telling you to see this film really. Chances are, you won't like it. It's not a feel good. There's not really a happy ending. There isn't a playful undertone. But I'm a cinematic masochist and I enjoy films like that. It's like I am a sponge or wet rag or something and films like this wring me out and clear out any sort of emotional suds that may be clotting my life at the moment.
This is a great time of the year for that sort of thing. With all the Oscar films out right now, it's the perfect time to recoil into my emotional cocoon and work out some of my inner issues. It's like spring cleaning for my soul.
SO - if you want a film that will ravage you emotionally and collapse your insides in on themselves, while leaving a pinhole for hope to glisten through in the end, then Rabbit Hole is the one to see.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Power and the money, money and the power

I don't care if the movie looks bad or good. I love that the commercials for The Green Hornet are to the tune of Gangster's Paradise. I was already going to go and see it but especially now that they have used the 90s anthem. I'm a fan. I'm such a fan.
Not to mention that this is the first Seth Rogan movie I will see in a theatre and without putting it off for an abnormally long time. I don't really get the appeal. But I'll see it. And sing along with my song. Loudly.


One of my favorite FRIENDS episodes is on right now. It's "The One Where They All Turn 30" and I love it for a myriad of reasons but I think the closer I get to 30, the more I love it.
See, I have a group of 6 friends (if you've spent any time at all on this blog, you know that already) and while I'm usually very Monica in certain aspects of my life, watching this episode I'm realizing that when I turn 30, I will be more like Pheobe than anyone else.
See, 30 doesn't scare me, but I can imagine myself having quite the to-do list before I turn 30. I mean, I already live my life on the foundational principles of the to-do list. And I've always been a big dreamer, so I can imagine that in the next 2 and a half years, I will have more dreams than I do now right? At least I hope so.
But two and a half years isn't that long from now so I think I may need to start thinking of what will be on my list. Here are three things that I know are on my list.

1. Get back to Vegas.
2. Go somewhere I've never been before.
3. Become friends with someone unexpected.

What's on your list of things to-do before your next milestone year?

Photos I found today

I wish there was some rhyme or reason to these photos but there really isn't. They are just the photos that I found today.
 Please tell me this picture of Ashley Tisdale brings you as much joy as it brought me. I mean, come on. She looks like burned toast. It's like she's wearing leather skin. It's like she got caught in an oven and couldn't find her way out.

 You know that Katie Holmes hasn't really done anything to warrant being photographed, but she sure does look stunning. This one surprised me.

Um...hello. Yeah he's doing an ad for prostate cancer awareness or something but wowza. And people thought it was a big deal when Janet have a man's hands cover her boobs on Rolling Stone. That ain't got nothin on this. That's for sure.

Hello Leighton. From her Allure cover story, she was photographed in a bar...wearing plastic...I dunno. Whatever works I suppose. And she's wet which I think was supposed to be sexy but really she kinda has that wet dog hair thing happening and it's just...not.

So. Those were just some pictures I found today.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Finally! It's here!!!

I can't hardly even believe this but it's done! The first issue of BLEEP is out!!!
Please check it out and pass it to your friends. We put a lot of time into it and we've already started on the next issue. Look for it the first week of March! Click HERE to check it out!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Everything that's wrong with reality television

Please tell me you are watching the Circus act that is the new season of The Bachelor. Please. It's more than a circus show, it's a freak show on steroids and Prozac.
Here's the thing. It's the same guy who was the Bachelor once already and turned down both women at the end. So this is his second chance right? That's fine. But the entire sob story about how he had to see a therapist and was falling apart and everything was a bit much. That was until the therapist started talking to the TV. Really gang? Really? I don't want to watch Dr. Phil. I want to see women act like fools to superficially fall in love with a stranger! And then bringing out the two girls he said no to? Tacky. But I'll tell you, both of those girls were showing off their rings like there was no tomorrow.
Okay. The girls are every bit as diverse as they want them to be on this show. But my favorite line? "In my profession, I meet a lot of guys...unfortunately they're not alive." What? Be a funeral director. That's fine. But don't try to do shtick.
What about the "professional manscaper" and all the shots of the men having their hair ripped off their bodies? I thought was about as strange as ABC would go...until the vampire came onto the screen. A vampire? A creepy woman who looks like a slutty mail order bride...with fangs? FANGS?
But let's be real here. We watched this to see the slap...which was so ridiculous of a moment. But let's be honest - you could have gotten all of that from the commercials.
This whole show was like watching a reality show implosion. It's everything that is bad about reality shows. The pre-taped long pauses, the over-the-top personalities that are there only to fight with each other, and the vampire. I mean, really guys...a vampire? Are we on the WE channel? Come on.
Moral of this story: I will not be watching this show for a myriad of reasons but the main reason is that I have no interest in watching this overly self-deprecating man go on his quest to redeem his Achilles heel of being with someone. This isn't even bad TV in the "can't not watch it" variety.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

10 Top Ten List Blogs of 2010 - Looking Ahead to 2011

My List of 10 things to look forward to in 2011
(I realize it should be 11 things but I've got a thing going here.)

10. Magazine subscriptions - I love magazines and I love discounts. Having my own place again will enable me to finally have the both of those things together again.

9. American Idol - Why? Because I want to see how it all plays out.

8. Decorating again - Having my own place to create a life for myself and decorating it to reflect the way I feel/the way I want to be perceived in this world. It's something I didn't know I loved til I got to do it for Apt. 3.

7. A year with four seasons - Living in Texas, you get two seasons. Hot and Cold-ish. I'm extremely excited about being able to have four seasons.

6. The summer - I'm looking forward to it for a lot of reasons. Summer in the City is gonna rock. Come be a part of it with me.

5. My new phone - I don't have it yet, but toward the beginning of this year, I will be getting it. And a new phone brings a new outlook on life. Be looking for that blog to happen.

4. New opportunities - With the launch of BLEEP this week, who knows what may happen this year right? Maybe nothing will and it will have just been a really great creative outlet. But then again...

3. New music - Britney, Brandy, Kelly Clarkson and more all have new things coming out. New music is always near the top of my list.

2. A new life - Moving for good, meeting new people, finding my way through what's ahead, being who I want to's the freedom that has never felt so good.

1. The unknown - When I started 2010, I had an idea of what was going to happen and some of that happened and some of that didn't. But it was the newness that transpired over the course of the year that was what was really special. So I'm most looking forward to the things that I have no idea about yet, because in that lies a real excitement.