Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Two white outfits...two different results

 There's not just a whole lot to say for this one. Reason number 538 why I love Katy Perry and Reason 1497 why Willow Smith gives me ulcers.
You see, Katy Perry doesn't really have Christmas music to sing, but she was at a Jingle Ball for some radio station. So, being who she is and not taking herself seriously at all, she put on a dress that looked like a snowman.
She apparently went at the teenage daughter of the abominable snowman and cracked out Cindy Lou Whoo.
Is that not disturbing to anyone else? And she's gonna flip her candy cane Whoo hair back and forth? What? Why does no one else see a problem with this?
(I understand that this is usually the time when I post about Glee since it aired last night, but last night's episode was so wretched and so demeaning to the entity of Christmas that I can't even blog about it. Really. Sue with green face on? Really. Stupid.)
So the scorecard for today reads: Katy Perry: 1. Wilow Smith: -3.

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