Saturday, December 4, 2010

Took me long enough, I know.

I've finally seen The Social Network. I know. It took me long enough. Here's why it took so long. I was never interested. At all. It was a film that I just didn't care how great everyone said it was, I was just not interested at all in it. The trailer was so melodramatic and looming and I just had no interest in it. But I knew I'd have to see it at some point and today was the day.I have a few thoughts.
First thought - I love that Baylor was the school that got the shout out in this film.
And I love that I cared more about the asian girl in the film than any of the guys.
I don't buy Timberlake as an actor. Sorry. It all seems like he's in an SNL skit to me.
I remember when I first got on Facebook. It was in the spring of 2006. I got on there because everyone else was on there, kinda the same reason why I saw the film about it. But I'm glad I saw it. And I'm glad Rashida Jones was in it. Without Parks and Recreation on this fall, I haven't gotten my fix of her. Does anyone else understand that she's Quincy Jones' daughter?
But I will say this. At the end of the movie, I asked this question. "So What?" It was like an origins story that didn't complete the story. And they made it all about that girl? I don't know. Was it a well made film? Yes. Were the performances good? Yes (minus Timberlake). It was a well painted picture, I just don't know that I cared for the picture it painted.

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