Friday, December 10, 2010

She's just bein Miley

Who loves the whole Miley smoking a bong thing? Raise your hand! Me! Me! Me!
I love it.
I mean it. How great is this. It's like she gave the tabloid gossip mongers an early Christmas gift! The gift of gossip! And I love how everyone was quick to say it was legal and all, but the image doesn't lie does it? Miley. Bong. Perfection.
Now the pictures are everywhere so I won't bother to post them here. Rather, I am choosing to post a picture that is even more awkward. That's how I roll.
But can I ask a question? Who videos that sort of thing? Who videos a pop star doing bong hits? Clearly, she did this on purpose. Somewhere in her brain, she thinks that it worked for Britney to have crazy videos and it's going to work now as well. Little does she know that no one really cares about 18 year old Miley, we barely cared about 17 year old Miley, and only children cared about 16 year old Miley. So where is insignificant Miley supposed to go now? Apparently, into viral videos of bong smoking.
And where is Billy Ray? Was he busy straightening his hair and missed this? Don't stage parents know now that when your children's albums or movies bomb, you've got to keep them under lock and key or they will start doing interviews and saying strange things or filming videos of them smoking a bong or having sex with someone in nightvision while their buddy robs them (thank you Jenna Maroney). I'm just saying. Someone needs to control their young. But since her parents clearly just want to let her do whatever, we have been blessed with pictures and the video that not only make Miley look stupid but also make me feel really great about myself. After all, I'm not the one in that video looking like a fool, nor would I ever be. So today is really a victory for all of us who A) don't do drugs and B) aren't posers who do herbs instead of the real stuff.

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