Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Perfection personified

I love that we live in a time when there can be an hour long commercial for Victoria's Secret on network television with women wearing...well...exactly what they want us to buy.
I mean, it's just crazy isn't it? They aren't even hiding the fact that it's an hour long commercial.
And I love that these stunning models are talking about how it's the biggest modeling show on Earth and how they're nervous, how seriously they take their jobs. But you know, they have to do that don't they? I mean, they're getting paid how many millions to eat nothing and walk down a sparkly runway for 30 seconds.
But be honest, those wings are awesome. There's no way around it. The whole thing is ridiculous and the amount of male celebrities that are sitting front row just to gawk is kinda disgusting. But then again, why are the Hilton sisters there? We know they don't wear any underwear so they couldn't possibly be there to shop.
Anyways. I feel like it's a brilliant advertising vehicle, not so cleverly disguised as an entertainment vehicle. And of course my girl Katy is singing on there, auto-tuned up and ready to rock but can I ask where Akon came from? When did he begin his trek toward relevance again? I thought we were rid of him. But there was a time when we thought we were rid of Pink too. But she's found a way to claw back into our collective consciousness hasn't she? But Akon? Really?
 Put him away and bring out the girl wearing the soccer ball cape. I will say this. That whole wild things, jungle girls, African trees, tribal dancers, silhouettes, 30 Seconds to Mars song blasting...that was visual perfection. And that's what this show is. It's visual perfection. All of the ridiculous is somehow funneled into this perfect picture where everything goes together and appears flawless. That's what this brand is founded on. Flawlessness. Heidi, Tyra, Alessandra (pictured above and is and will always be my favorite and who, in my opinion, is the most beautiful woman in the entire world) - they're all stunning and perfect looking.
So the show ends, all the girls are dancing around, thrilled that they didn't fall during their walk in front of Vin Diesel, Maroon 5 and Debbie Harry, and it's over. Perfection personified. Let the bulimia begin!

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