Monday, December 6, 2010

The night that changed my life

People use the phrase "That changed my life" a lot. I use that phrase a lot and in some way or another, I mean it. But tonight it's a different thing. A different thing entirely.
I love a lot. I love a lot of people and things. I do. But there are three things that I love in this life. Gospel music, Christmas, and Broadway. Tonight, I experienced the trifecta of those things and it not only rocked my world but actually took my breath away.
You see, I've been under a lot of stress here in the city. This is where I want to be and this is where I want to stay. But staying means being able to make a living and pay for it and the quest for employment after my internship has consumed me. And you know, I don't feel like I've been in the wrong for allowing it to consume me either because that's the stage of life I'm in. I've been a college student for the better part of a decade and I want to be successful on my own in the city that I love and feel most alive in.
Tonight, as I entered the Broadway Inspirational Voices concert, I was expecting to hear some mind-blowing gospel music sung by all the Broadway singers that I love. What I wasn't expecting was something that would not only give me an incredible peace, but also filled my spirit so fully that I feel rejuvenated and renewed. I also feel a fresh feeling of zeal for life in this city.
It was truly an incredible evening, the likes of which I've never before experienced. I've never felt so full, so blessed, so joyous and so at peace before. It's funny how God has the most creative ways of giving us exactly what we need. I wish I could adequately describe to you the night and what it meant for me. I've had to spend time trying to find the words to even write this. But it was Heaven to me. And that I was there with my best Ruth, that made it all that much better. She and I seem to stumble upon joy here.
Not to mention we had CHURCH. I mean, to be having church with such a diverse group of people, all there for one reason, it was something that went straight through me to my soul. You know when there's that frigid wind that somehow seems to go straight through your layers and coats and just freeze your nipples solid? Right. Like that.
Sidenote: When the BIV started singing Kurt Carr and Smokie Norful, I was a goner. Shoot me right now, it was a moment of brilliance that melted me. Melted. Me.
I love the Lord, I love this city, I love gospel music, I love myself (not in an arrogant way) and I loved tonight.
I'm full of love.
And for the first time in a long time, I'm full of hope.

Second Sidenote: To get to see this choir has been a dream of mine for 5 years and to get to see Shoshana Bean who I think is spectacular, Phylicia Rashad who is flawless, Virginia Woodruff who can sang like no one else, and Gavin Creel, one of my heroes. It was brilliant.

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