Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Christmas moment

Tonight was really special for me.
I have been telling myself that on my last night in NYC (for now) I would go to the big tree, listen to the music from Home Alone and cry. I mean, I just figured I would cry. I cry in Home Alone when Kevin's mom finds him in Rockefeller Center. Why? Because he loves Christmas trees and he'd go to the biggest one around. Well, I don't have a tree of my own this year, so the big tree has become my tree as well.
So late tonight, there I stood, looking at the big tree, listening to the music from the movie on my iPod. No phone calls, no texting, no picture taking. Just me and my tree. And it was beautiful but that was it. Just beautiful. But when the music swelled, I began to pray. I know. It's not a gospel song or manger moment or anything, but out of the belly of this pop culture manufactured moment, I prayed and thanked God for this opportunity and this experience. Then I cried.
A lot.
So I called my person I call in that sort of situation.
And I cried.
A lot more.
It was the moment I wanted, just not in the way I thought it would be. It wasn't contrived and was completely genuine. Then, an ugly guy walked into the plaza singing the song from Home Alone. It wasn't just me who knew the importance of it. Shortly after, the song started playing over the loud speakers in the plaza. Now everyone was also having this moment. It was like the moment kept inflating and getting bigger and bigger. The next song was "It Feels Like Christmas" from the Muppet Christmas Carol. You know how much that film means to me this time of year. It was like this moment was catered for me and kept getting better and better.
As that song was playing, the lights in the plaza began to turn off. One small tree, then one section of Christmas lights, then the lights on the angels and toy soldiers. Then the big tree turned off. The song ended. I had it. It was like the entire city of New York joined in tandem to give me closure on this time. I'm not saying I won't be back. I will. But for now, I had the perfect evening. Saw a Broadway show, had my Christmas moment, enjoyed a last walk down 5th Avenue to see the windows and lights. I'm so thankful. I'm so so thankful.
Onward to the next adventure!

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