Sunday, December 12, 2010

The classic Carol

Guess what just came on TV? The Muppet's Christmas Carol, undeniably my favorite of all of the Christmas Carols. Sure, you can say what you want about all of the other versions that have ever been made (I've even seen one from like 1910 or something) but this is the one that means that most to me and has the most special place in my heart. Why?
No cheeses for us meeces!
For so many other reasons as well though. The music is really quite spectacular and throughout the Christmas season, it gets played quite a bit on my iPod. How can you argue with that? Singing rats! Singing pigs! Singing Whatevers! Not to mention the singing vegetables. And it tells this really wonderful story that we all know, but adds the Muppet twist to it that makes it endearing again. I know that The Muppets are on their comeback trek currently, and I know that The Muppet Movie is considered a children's cinema classic, but this is my favorite of the Muppet films.
I once was told by someone that they didn't watch The Muppets. I don't quite know what to do with that. How do you not grow up watching The Muppets? What's wrong with these folks? They're so joyous!
I mean, come on. Tis the season to be jolly and joyous! (Fa-la-la-la)
If you haven't watched it, do so. There's quite a bit of grown-up humor in there for folks who are not kids/don't think like kids/are dead inside to child-like things. Apart from A Christmas Story, it's my favorite Christmas movie.

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