Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And he shall reign...

You know, the whole flash mob thing was cool when it first started but now that's it's everywhere, it's a little tired. Am I right? I mean, the whole dancing to a random song someplace is a little tired. But just when I think that whole thing is going to become obnoxious, a new twist on it happens.
So I'm on Facebook and people are posting this group singing The Hallelujah Chorus in the food court at a mall and I'm thinking, eh, whatever. But it was legit. Incredibly legit. And that got me thinking. How incredible that we are living in a culture that celebrates literally bursting into song? How incredible that we live in a time when people are literally dancing in the streets? How incredible that we live at a time when these random bursts of creativity are celebrated and applauded.
You know, with all that technology has done for us, I love that this is something that isn't technology based. It's just people, doing something awesome, in a random place. Sure, it's youtube that allows us to see it all, but if youtube didn't exist, this freedom of expression could still happen. And I love that. I love that we live in this time of creative buoyancy, where creativity is being thrust upwards, for the sole purpose of making random people happy. Well, that and to have something to go viral on youtube. But still. Whatever. I love it.

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