Friday, December 31, 2010

10 Top Ten List Blogs of 2010 - Fascinating Things

The Ten Most Fascinating Things of my 2010

10. Awards Shows rising ratings - I've long been an award's show enthusiast, but this year there seemed to be more converts in the general public too. Ratings rose for all the major awards shows, which means good news for everyone involved.

9. Olympics - After watching over 90 hours of the Olympics, I still love them. It's just such an exciting time in the world. It was also fun to be in Europe during the World Cup and seeing people love it so much.

8. Britney on Glee - The hype was so great for her being on there, even more hype than the Madonna episode and while the episode itself fell victim to the fact that Glee decided halfway through their first season to be terrible, it was still exciting to see people get so excited for Britney's music again and to see her on screen.

7. Jimmy Fallon's Emmy Opener - Really, it was so awesome that it set a high bar for other shows to have to follow. Having so many stars all singing and dancing on stage with the Glee kids was brilliant and made everyone involved that much more awesome.

6. Betty White on SNL - There was not a single misstep, not a single problem. Having her on there was brilliant but having all of the previous female cast members on there as well was a stroke of genius. I haven't seen an SNL episode that's been as good since.

5. The Hurt Locker Wins - Everyone thought Avatar would take it, but the better film won. I have nothing against Avatar, but it wasn't the best film of 2009. The Hurt Locker was.

4. Katy Perry's 1-2-3 punch - Everything she's done has turned to a hit. The first three singles from her album all shot to number one but beyond that, they shot to the kind of status in a song where it's not just going to disappear. They are going to long be a part of the zeitgeist of musical meaning.

3. Lost Finale - Some people hated it and while I have actually defriended people on Facebook because they talked bad about Lost, I feel one hundred percent correct when I say that it was a brilliant finale of a brilliant show.

2. Spider Man on Broadway - What a giant mess huh? And while it still stands to be seen whether or not this show will actually make it at all, for now, it's the biggest disaster of 2010 (which is saying something considering that Christina's Bionic came out this year). Come on people. Get it together.

1. Simon Cowell Leaving Idol - He became an icon a few years ago, and this year, he became a smart icon. He left a show that was collapsing in the format it was in and he knew it was time for something different. The tribute to him was beautiful but he will forever be someone that is a reference point in television culture.

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