Tuesday, December 28, 2010

10 Top Ten List Blogs of 2010 - Disappointments

The Top 10 Disappointments of my 2010

10. Natalie Grant's album - It was only okay. And I expect greatness from her. It was far from it. Next time, let's focus on songwriting and avoiding the word 'human.' She's still my favorite. Still. But the album was beige and sounded like every other middle-of-the-road singer's album. Nothing special.

9. The Burlesque soundtrack - I've blogged about it before. How many songs do we need that are about nothing except the word 'burlesque?' Come on Christina. You're one big fail this year. Beyond disappointment. Flat out fail.

8. Clash of the Titans - I wanted that movie to be great. It wasn't. Plot? Nah. We don't need it. We've got sexy Sam Worthington. (not enough this time guys. Sorry)

7. Crystal Bowersox not winning Idol - What happened here? We have someone who is a real artist, who has an authentic and interesting voice and we go with the guy that looks like no one special and sings like every other alternative singer out there? American fail.

6. Promises, Promises wasn't very good - Well, it wasn't good at all. Why spend all that money to bring a show back to Broadway that is bad? It wasn't the actors' fault. It was the show. The show itself was bad. Not even Kristin could save it.

5. True Blood was not good either - People thought it was weird that it got snubbed when the Globe nominations came out a few weeks ago - but truth be told, it wasn't all that great this season. There were bright moments but mostly, it was forgettable. Sadly.

4. Party Down being canceled - Did you watch this show? It was so clever. I'm so frustrated that it won't be on any longer. The quirky shows never seem to make it very long do they?

3. Top Chef's winner Kevin - Are you kidding me guys?! The guy I liked the LEAST won? When there was no build up for him to win at all? What? At least Yigit pulled out the win and redeemed this tragedy on Top Chef Just Desserts. But come on. Kevin? Fail.

2. Most things GLEE - way to be terrible at everything this year. It's bad when your guest stars are better than the show (Gweneth, Britney, Kristin Chenoweth - all good) The writing gets worse each episode, the songs are becoming lackluster, and Kurt's character ISN'T THAT INTERESTING.

1. Jenny Slate not being hired back at SNL - Car Horns N' More, Door Bells N' More, Alarm Clocks N' More. Three of my favorite SNL sketches...ever. And she, much like many funny women before her, didn't get hired back on for a second season. The way things work at SNL will never make sense to me really but letting Jenny Slate go wasn't good for the show. None of the women who replaced her have done anything to match her.

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