Friday, December 24, 2010

10 Top Ten List Blogs of 2010 - Characters on TV

The Top 10 TV Characters of my 2010 

10.Gloria on Modern Family. The problem with this list is that I really like the entire casts of all of these shows, but that would have been redundant. So the reason I like Gloria the most from Modern Family is for the simple fact that she's the funniest. When she blamed her car accident on "de big copcake" I lost it.

9. Cary on The Good Wife. I chose Cary because I think he's the most interesting of the characters. You never really know what he's going to do, if he's going to be vindictive or if he's going to be helpful. Mostly, he brings the perspective of a younger person to the field and does it in a way that doesn't feel contrived.

8. Eric from True Blood. It's more fun for the vampires, lets face it, and while this season of True Blood wasn't really all that great, Eric has the story that's most intriguing. Without him being on the show, there wouldn't be much of a dynamic among the characters.

7. Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock. He's hysterical. And crazy. And he's crazy in real life too, but somehow, Tina Fey figured out a way to harness that energy and turn it into something that's really funny.

6. Stanley and Phyllis from The Office. They are two of the more soft spoken characters on the show and that's why I love what they say. I think they have some of my favorite lines on the entire show. Phyllis thinks she's sexy and Stanley is always irritated. How is that not funny?

5. Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation. We all could use a little more optimism and she exudes optimism. This is such a great show and I really wish more people would watch it because it's such a great show. But Amy Poehler makes her so likable and so believable,

4.Shirley from Community. She's not the first character you think of when you think of Community but her subtle, sometimes religious, quips are funnier than a lot of the silly things that other characters say. Personally, I find Abed to be so wildly unbelievable and I know he's everyone's favorite character, but for me. It's all about Shirley.

3. Scotty on Brothers and Sisters. The episode where it was found out that he cheated on Kevin was heartbreaking and that's only because we have come to care so much about Scotty's relationship with this family. They are a really good example of a positive relationship and a break from the chaos that can be the Walkers sometimes. Okay. Most times.

2. Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl. They count as one because their back and forth is the most fascinating thing on this show. They have taken something that could have just been a teenage show about cell phones and made it stay interesting. And they've done it without being all Ross and Rachel. And they also do it while looking immaculate.

1. Joan from Mad Men. I don't know that I even need to say anything. She's the best example of a strong woman who is struggling in the world she lives in. And she's stunningly gorgeous.

I'm a writer and so I'm fascinated by the ways that different characters are written into stories for different reasons. I also love to see how characters change and evolve. That's why I did this list. Well that and I spend so many blogs referencing these folks so I might as well give them some sort of award or something.

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