Wednesday, December 22, 2010

10 Top Ten List Blogs of 2010 - TV

The Top 10 TV shows of my 2010

10. Brothers and Sisters - This isn't the best show on television by any stretch, but it is my favorite. I imagine that I'm a Walker. No matter what happens, I love this show.

9. America: The Story of Us / Life - This is a documentary tie. America:Why did this mini series teach me more about American history than any class? I wish I could answer that. But it was informative and so well produced. Life: The Discovery Channel again made us look with wonder at the world around us.

8. Gossip Girl - Chuck Bass. Enough said.

7. LOST - The final season didn't leave me wanting anything. While there were other "fans" out there who wanted everything spoon fed to them and all the loose ends tied up, I saw the show for what it was: a story of the human condition. And the finale was spot on brilliant.

6. Top Chef - It's the best reality show on TV. American Idol gave up that crown a few seasons ago and while it's going to try to retake it this next year, Top Chef stands as victorious. And it beat all the other reality shows at the Emmys too. Rightfully so. We love Padma.

5. 30 Rock - I need Tracy Jordan in my life on a consistent basis, it's continually a love letter to New York City, and it's always good. Always.

4. Modern Family - It won the Emmy for a reason. Because it's the funniest show on TV.

3. Cougar Town - This show started as a silly show about an older woman dating a younger guy, but what it became was a show about a close knit group of friends who drink wine and don't do much else. It's what I wish my group of friends would be like when we're in our late thirties...early forties...late forties? How ever old they are on there.

2. Community/The Good Wife - Community is the most creative show on television. Somehow, it gets away with the quirky and the strange, without seeming out of place. I mean, what other show can pull off an entire episode in claymation or have a major plot point being a dorm wide fort made of sheets? It's awesome.
BUT - it's tied with The Good Wife because really, The Good Wife is the best show on network TV. It's interesting, it's fun, it's serious, it's tough. The cast is brilliant. It was rated Entertainment Weekly's best show of the spring. It should be noted that Community was New York Magazine's number one show of the year. Just so we're all in the know.

1. Mad Men - It's the best show on TV. Period. It's flawless art.

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