Friday, December 31, 2010

10 Top Ten List Blogs of 2010 - Moments

The Top Ten Moments of My 2010

All of these moments have been blogged about at length so I will let you go back and read the blogs about them, rather than me rehashing it all here.

10. Covent Gardens - My favorite place in London. There was something about being there with the live music, the food, and the atmosphere. It was just my favorite place to be.

9. Getting in the fountain at Buckingham Palace - Who knew that getting in that fountain would be so great?

8. Seeing the Rockettes - A true dream come true. After so many years of loving them, I finally got to see them in Radio City. It was truly wonderful.

7. Being at the Eiffel Tower - There are moments in your life when the clouds part and you see things clearly. Well, in this case, it was the parting of the trees and I remember seeing the tower for the first time and thinking "Wow. I can't believe I'm actually looking at this in person."

6. Homecoming - It's number 6 for a reason.

5. Seeing the Macy's Parade - It was a dream come true. I felt like a kid again and it was so thrilling to be a part of something that is so intertwined in the tradition of America.

4. Last Night in Apt. 3 - It's especially poignant now that I'm looking for a new apartment to create new memories in.

3. The weekend - The best weekend of the year with my boys. Black Eyed Peas in concert and a tour of Texas that included Dallas, Waco, Austin and Houston. It was one of the most fun three days I can remember. Ever.

2. The Last Night - I blogged recently about this but it was the night that I went to the Rockefeller tree and had my closure on my college experience and on the experiences that I had this year and over the past few years.

1. The Broadway Inspirational Voices concert - Life changing.

2010 was a banner year for me. Finishing the yearbook, finishing college, going was really an amazing year.

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