Tuesday, December 28, 2010

10 Top Ten List Blogs of 2010 - Disney movies

Now, please understand that this isn't an every year sort of thing. This is because of my Master's paper I wrote this year on the Architected Archetypes of Disney Animated Movie Musicals. Right. So that's the reason for this list. (The other reason is that Disney has said they are going to stop making these movies and so this is my written protest of discontinuation of something that altered film making forever.)

The 10 Disney Animated Films of my 2010

10. 101 Dalmatians - Who doesn't love this movie? So many puppies all in one place! And with lil British accents! And really, it's a film about teamwork. The barking chain? Hello?

9. The Lion King - Token Lion King entry here. Shut up Elton John. We get it already. It's flawless.

8. The Jungle Book - In my research, the major animated directors of today said that this film is the pinnacle of characterization and story telling in animation. I agree with them.

7. Sleeping Beauty - Everything about this film is picturesque and even though the villain is terrifying and probably the epicenter of every children's nightmare, I still think the way this movie is made is more like a live action movie than had been previously seen. It's an epic.

6. Pocahontas - The music is really really good and even though the wind blows purple leaves in the faces of the audience who is apparently too daft to figure out the symbolism of the winds bringing about changes in the characters (not to mention it's horrible historical inaccuracies) it's just a beautiful film. Plus, her hair moves better than any of the other princesses.

5. Beauty and the Beast - Yes. It's the best of all of them. But I don't like it the best. So it sits at number five. Call it retribution for the Beast being mean to Chip.

4. Hunchback of Notre Dame - I found that the story in this movie is so deep that it probably didn't register with the toddler set, but that, mixed with some seriously good music, and it's a film that's a gem of the Disney collection.

3. Lady and the Tramp - How did I never realize how great this film is? The characters are awesome, the story is good, and it's just a well made movie. Overall, as a film, it's just a really great one.

2. Robin Hood - It's just a fun film and you know you are sympathetic to the bunnies in poverty. No bunny should be in poverty!

1. Dumbo - It's my favorite. I love Casey Jr. and the animals comin down the track. It's been my favorite since before I could talk. Don't mess with Dumbo.

Don't act like you don't watch Disney movies. Own it. You do.

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