Friday, November 19, 2010

Your hearts and empty hoooooooole!

How The Grinch Stole Christmas has just come on television and I think it has single-handedly lifted my mood and my spirits. Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, is next week and there will be a million awesome things going on but tonight, I think that TV knew I would need the Grinch.
There is something about it that I love but it goes beyond nostalgia and it goes beyond the fact that it's just plain awesome. There is a human element to it. Each line that you see was drawn by someone, not by some computer. You can see where the lines don't exactly match up and you can see the human touch in what you're looking at. There's something awesome about that. There's nothing wrong with all the computer animated cartoons that are everywhere now. Nothing at all. But they lack the human element to them, something that they are trying their hardest to recreate with graphics that are as lifelike as possible. But with this hand-drawn animation, you can see the hand of the artist and in a way, that makes it more authentic, more genuine.
And I always feel bad when Max's tail gets caught in the sewing machine. I mean, that just has to hurt right? I love that The Grinch was on tonight. I love it. It's made me incredibly happy and diffused what was a really really foul mood I was in. Did you know there's a website now that you can go to and answer a bunch of questions and it will tell you what mood you're in? There is.  Not that I have any interest in that. I'd like to decide my mood thank you very much. But I was in a bad one. And I'm not now. You could say my heart grew three sizes this day.
Sidenote: Has anyone else noticed that one of the wind-up toys he takes is a Sneetch? Anyone? Because we all know that the Sneetches are the best of them all.
But really, the best are these people. We took a trip to Whooville last year together. I love them and thinking about them makes me even happier than the Grinch did.

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