Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Welcome to the 6 to the 0 to the apostrophe S

So Hairspray just started on TV and I find myself singing Good Morning Baltimore in my living room.
You see, there's just something about this musical that will always resonate with me. Not really the movie. No, the movie serves more as an extension of what resonates inside of me.
See, the musical on Broadway was the most fun thing I've ever seen. Really. While The Lion King remains the most creative thing I've ever seen and Hair as the most...well, the MOST, Hairspray serves as the most fun thing I've ever seen. While I saw it on stage 4 or 5 times, it was the third time I saw it that cemented is as the most fun thing I've ever seen.
You see, on a whim, we entered the raffle to get in and won. So we were all there, and Ruth and I ended up with front row seats dead center. Now you know that musicals are meant to be seen from a little further back so you can get the entire experience. But let me tell you something, that remains one of, if not THE, most fun night of my life.
I just remember that we laughed and cried for 2 and a half hours as they sang, danced, and sweat all over us. And as luck would have it, the gang knew the guys at the stage door so we got to go on stage afterwards and take pictures, climb on the sets, and meet the cast.
It was one of those nights that you just remember because it was non-stop fun. And you know what? If I'm being really honest, when I think of what "fun" is, I think of that night and how I felt then, because to me, that's the most solid definition that I have for myself.
So Hairspray has a special place in my heart. Yes. I cry all the time and if you've read this blog but at all, you know that. But the opening of this musical is flawless, the trio singing the reprise of Welcome to the 60's is one of my favorite things ever, and the finale is the type of finale that all Broadway shows should have. Something that makes you feel like your insides are going to burst. Kinda like when Agent Smith explodes with light at the end of the first Matrix (the only one that matters)...except in a good way. Exploding in a good way and not a destructive way. Right.
So I love this musical and have for years. No. The movie isn't as good as the stage show. It's no Chicago. But it reminds me of a night. A night that would define fun for me. (Sidenote: I can rock Run and Tell That. That high note? Got it. Yes that's braggy, but totally worth it)

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