Monday, November 1, 2010

Thank you mood

I was in a good mood the other day and someone asked me why. What kind of a question is that? Shouldn't that be our default mood? Shouldn't a good mood be the mood that we default to on a daily basis?
For real though. If your default is a bad mood, then what kind of starting off place is that? It only sets you up to have to work out of a bad mood to get into a good mood. I don't understand this type of logic because many times, the mood we're in is completely self-induced. We choose to be in a good or bad mood. It's a choice we consciously make. And most of the time we choose to be in a bad mood, it's not worth it. There are too many delicious and wonderful things in this world.
Of course you bad-mooders out there just said to yourself, "Yes but there are so many terrible things in this world." And that's true to. But why not glass-half-full your life? Why not choose to be in a good frame of mind? And not to get all America's Next Top Model contestant on you here, but I've been through some things. I've seen some things. So there's no excuse.
Tomorrow's a voting day and everyone is choosing their candidates. Why not choose to be in a good mood too? I think it's a choice worth making.

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