Saturday, November 13, 2010

Still my girl

VH1 has been playing marathons of Saturday Night Live for days now and so I've been watching it. Turns out, one of Britney's episodes was on today so I clearly scheduled my day around it.
It was an episode from 2002, when it was all about Slave and Not a Girl. Having eight years of separation from this, I was interested to see her performance again...not knowing whether I would still have the same love for it that I'm sure I did the first time.
Here's the thing. The girl sounded good. She sang Not a Girl, which is kinda a dippy song, but appropriate for where she was at then, and between her and her two background singers, it was really good. I mean, really good. Especially when I compare it to the out of tune performances of Katy Perry and Rihanna last night on the MTV EMAs. People have knocked on her since she first came onto the scene because she's not a powerful singer, and that's fine. But I was surprised when I watched it again how solid it was.
So yes, I'll be listening to the Britney catalog for the remainder of the day.

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