Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Slow down Professor X

I now know three people who have quit Glee.
And I wish I could blame them, but of course, I can't.
Sue said something very funny this week. She said she would need to go to the "wound care center and stare at some wounds." That's kinda how I feel when I watch this show. It's like watching a show that is so wounded and limping along to the beat of it's own good music. What's the wound? Yes. It's him. You know it. It's Kurt. He's the wound. The show should be renamed "Kurt's Gay!" And because of that, the show just keeps limping along, beating the audience over the head with it inbetween every single commercial break.
There is so much to the high school experience. So many life changing things that go on. But instead, we had the jock kiss the gay guy...because that's how it works in the real world apparently. You know, this show lost it's zeal and vigor and replaced it by becoming is one big PSA for coming out of the closet, which isn't what high school is all about. Perhaps for one group of people it is, but not for everyone. So where is that group? This show started being about that group and then it abandoned them.
This show has great music and a big audience. That audience deserves better than this and they're not getting it. I don't want to have to quit this show because it has such strong potential, but if the episodes continue the way they are, I too will have to join the people who are leaving this show.
And I'd like to go on record as saying that that guy in that other accapella group would never go for a pansy like Kurt in real life.

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Mocha said...

could NOT have said it better myself!