Friday, November 19, 2010


There's a strange person in my office right now and I will tell you, she's the rudest individual I've ever met. Here's why.
I'm watching The Office from last night. Yes, I watched it when it aired but I wanted to watch it again. So I'm sitting here, watching it in the lobby while I work on other things. They are interviewing new interns for the spring and so she's sitting here waiting to go in for her interview.That's fine, that's fine. Here's what's giving me a red rump.
I laugh at something I didn't catch last night, hence the reason why I am watching it again, and she says "Oh I watched that last night." That's fine. All people should have watched it last night. I acknowledge the fact that she spoke to me. Whatever. We're not friends.
She then says..."The best is when Dwight has the hay ride with the kids and it's in a truck..."
I'm sorry. What if I hadn't watched this yet? What if that hadn't happened yet? What if you just spoiled something I'd been waiting since last night to watch? How inconsiderate. That's just like people who post the winners or eliminated contestants in their Facebook status. Come on. How rude. I mean, I should have just thrown her out right then and there on basis of her lack of consideration. I didn't. But she's been shunned.
Moral of the story: Don't spoil television. It makes me mad and it forces me to have to use Full House references as pictures. That's the ultimate rudeness.

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