Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reason 5673

Reason number 5673 why I love New York: The fact that you can go to some new work of theatre any day of the week. That you're in a place where you can see a musical from the 1950s that isn't a Broadway production but has a stellar Broadway cast. I love that a show like that can run for 4 performances only and sell out all four shows. I love that the old folks in the matinĂ©e audience were talking about having seen Bells Are Ringing when it was first on Broadway in the 50s. I love that Kelli O'Hara is as flawless live as I hoped she would be.
I love that this city is continually creating. It's continually thrusting new artistry out there for people to catch. I love that this city is perpetually doing that.
I was inspired today by that fact. I feel the best when I'm creating and I realized that I've got to carve out time each day to do that. If I don't, I'll just dry up. A dried up, comatose ex-creator that can't tread in the creative waters of this world. And that's just not anything that I ever want to be.

For creative people, creativity comes in waves, but there's something to be said for creating on a daily basis. Creating something. Whether that's writing or painting or dancing or whatever. It's just important to always been functioning in the flow of new ideas. So I spent tonight working on creating, working on writing, and working on refueling myself and my drive. And I feel better.
Just another reason why I love this city. It truly is the best city in the entire world.

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