Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Palin effect

It's no lie that I love Brandy. She's one of my favorite singers.
It's no lie that I don't love Dancing With the Stars. It's a stupid show.
But since Brandy has been on it, I've been watching...and now I won't anymore.
First, I will ask the question that everyone will be asking. "How can Brandy be voted off and Bristol Palin be in the finale of the show?"
First - it's not Bristol's fault. She's trying her hardest just like the rest of them. It's middle America's fault for voting for someone just because her mother is a staunch republican. I mean, come on. If you felt that strongly about it, shouldn't they have voted for her during the Presidential election? It's like the red states are using this TV show as payback for not voting Sarah into office.
Second - there's a standard thing at work here. "I don't need to vote for Brandy because she's so awesome everyone else will." Melinda Doolittle on Idol anyone? How about Allison Holker on SYTYCD? You'd think that after a decade in the reality TV business, people would understand at this point. But they don't.
So I'm done since my girl is gone. But yes, I will continue to listen to her every day on my iPod like I already do. Nothing changes really except she won't be wearing silly outfits each week dancing around.
What a failure of a TV season? Kinda like the finale winner of American Idol last year. What was his name again? I don't even remember. Again, thank you middle America. You have the absolute worst taste in reality TV show winners.

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