Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My tree this year

I'm sorry. When did we get our Jessica Simpson back? I mean, when did that happen? Tonight, they are lighting the tree at Rockefeller Center and Jessica Simpson just sang a song from her new Christmas album. And you know what? It was good. It was really good. And she hit quite the note at the end. It's like she has reverted back to her original self, back before Nick and before she got bad. And you know what I have to say about it? It's about time. It's about freaking time. There was no reason to suck so badly for so many years. So way to go Jessica. Way to get your footing back. I still can't look at her when she sings. When she opens that mouth of hers, it's like she's trying to swallow a small elephant. But she sounded good and that's all that matters right?
It's funny that the lighting it tonight because just today, I was talking to someone about the fact that I don't have a Christmas tree in my apartment this year. "I feel like I'm in Home Alone and the Rockefeller tree has become my tree." That's exactly what I said. And here it is, tonight, being lit and all these singing folks are serenading me while I wait. Now to be clear, I'm not out there live. Are you kidding me? Too many people. But I'm watching it on TV. Clearly. I actually have some really important things to be doing tonight but I am putting them off so I can watch this.
And naturally, I have a few more comments. I get that this lil Jackie girl can sing quite brilliantly for her age. At any age for that matter. But doesn't this kinda smell like a Leann Rimes move to anyone else? I mean, can't you totally see lil Jackie in the news in 15 years having some sort of giant life crisis like Leann did? I mean, should we go ahead and start finger pointing at the parents now or later? I get it. She's great. But let's be real. Either that, or we will collectively Billy Gilman her right off the pop culture zeitgeist in a year or two. You never know. That's what's so great about America.
Now to someone older. You know I love Kylie Minogue's new album but is it a surprise that she sang Santa Baby? Not really. How has that become the sexy (cough...slutty) pop girl's Christmas song? Not really. What was surprising was the dead polar bear she was wearing as a jacket.
Now to someone even older. While the Susan Boyle thing is understandable, I have questions about the "Perfect Day" she's talking about because to me, it sounds kinda dreary. Actually, it sounds more than dreary. It sounds like the most abysmal day ever. Why is this song so sad? And why are we singing it on such a happy day in America? This is the lighting of the Rockefeller tree day for God's sake. Why be sad? And usually having a children's choir makes all things better, but in this case, it kinda made it sadder. I dunno.
I just realized that I think there was an extra hour on the New York telecast? There was a whole hour of music before it even aired anywhere else. So I guess this has become more informational than anything since if you weren't on the east coast, you didn't see the first set of performances. But trust me on these.
And I wish I could comment on Boyz II Men singing "This Christmas" but since it's the song I hate most in this life, I muted the TV. But I love the giant glitch in the middle of the show and that David Foster, perhaps one of the most legendary music producers ever, had to cover for lil Charice who had NO CLUE what to do. Has Mean Girls taught us nothing? Make it a sing along fool! I'm so disappointed.
But be that as it may, it's official. My tree is ready for me to go see in the middle of the night and blog about later. I may even download the music from Home Alone to listen to as I stand there. If you know me, you know I will.

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