Saturday, November 6, 2010

Life As A House

I know that I've listed my four favorite films on this blog more times than I care to look up, but tonight I watched one of them and feel that I should explain why I love it so much.
Life As A House is the kind of film that gets me. It's gets me deep. It's the kind of film that I watch with no one else, when I really want to feel it. It's the kind of film I watch while doing nothing else, so I can be fully immersed in it. It's the kind of film that has me crying by the end, I pull it together once the credits start rolling, and about a minute later, no matter what I've moved onto doing, I start crying again. The film lingers. The emotion lingers. The metaphor lingers.
I saw it when it came out in the theaters and was instantly moved by it. I remember having arguments with people who were older than I was who doubted that there were kids like that out there. But most of all, I remember the change that the characters in the film went through. The true meaning of a character arch. Starting the story one way and ending the story completely different.
It's this real kind of story. The kind that just settles in with you and you're living it out with the characters. The cell phones in it may be dated, but the story is timeless.
So that's what I did with my Saturday night. I watched one of the films that moves me. If there was anyone else around right now, they'd probably say I'm in a funk. But in reality, I'm still in the moment. I will probably linger in the moment until I go to bed and I'm perfectly fine with that. I'm writing again. No, not just on the blog. I've been doing that all along. But I'm writing for me again. Now that all of the class related writing is over, I'm able to write what I want to write now. And this sort of stewing under an emotional blanket is therapeutic for me. Creative types know that there are just times when you need to allow yourself to feel. Feel something. Feel whatever there is to feel. And just experience that feeling. To people who aren't creative, this all sounds like a hippie/zen/mind blitz but I don't care. Sometimes, if we're numb, we just need to feel.

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