Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kisses and sharks

It's officially Christmastime! I have seen it! The sign that tells us it's officially Christmastime. Clear as day. You know the sign. You're familiar.
The Christmas Hershey's Kisses commercial!!!
When those little kisses start playing the bells, I know it's officially Christmastime. See, because they don't play it too early so they aren't jumping the shark. (Where did that saying come from anyways? Shark jumping? I just looked it up and it apparently refers to an episode of Happy Days when Fonzie water skis over a shark and everything was downhill from there. For real. Look it up.)
But the kisses have run the bells and it's Christmas! It's something that happens every year and I always forget about it until it happens. Then, without warning, it comes on TV and I immediately perk up. It's this part of the holidays that is comforting because it happens every year. I'm not quite sure what's going to happen the year they stop airing it. How we will know when it's Christmastime? But we'll cross that bridge when we get there. For now, it's Christmas. Because the Kisses told me so.

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