Sunday, November 7, 2010

It reminded me of Robin Hood...

I'm watching You're A Good Man Charlie Brown and reliving the whole of my childhood. It's true that I relive bits and pieces of my childhood but this is foundational. I mean, between this movie, Robin Hood and Dumbo, I was a kept pre-television enthusiast.
I think the song, The Book Report, is one of my favorite songs ever. It's right up there with Pick-a-Little Talk-a-Little from The Music Man. The songs are all so great. I remember all of it but it's the ending that means the most to me. The song Happiness is something that's always gotten to me. I think it's the combination of sentiment and nostalgia. I mean, I can just see him sitting there, on that porch swing. And at the end when Lucy comes back? Gets me every time. But I really just love the words. I love that happiness is two kinds of ice cream, writing with crayons, learning to whistle, playing the drum in your own school band and walking hand in hand. I love that happiness is equated to the simple things in life.
And that's what Charlie Brown is to me. While I love A Charlie Brown Christmas, this is the Charlie Brown that means the most to me. Because of the simple happiness that it brings me in my life. If you're not familiar, please watch Happiness. It really is what it says it is.

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