Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm sayin it.

What exactly is the protocol when your friends get ugly? Is there some sort of ballot you can fill out to let them know anonymously that they've lost their edge? I mean, is there an eloquent way of handling that sort of situation?
Let's face it, people get uglier. Not everyone of course. There are those people who get older and all of the sudden, you're royally impressed by their graduated maturation of good looks. But there are those people who get uglier and uglier and it's sad really. And don't you hate the moment when you realize it? You're looking at pictures and then all of the sudden you have this moment. It's a scary moment. And your thought bubble suddenly reads "Holy crap. When did they get ugly?"
Now listen. I'm not talking about a bad haircut or unfortunate fake tan. I'm talking about their physical characteristics are changing and become ugly. You can judge me all you want for writing this but we've all thought about this. It's not like it changes our relationship with that person...uh...right? Right. It doesn't change it. Ugly people are people too. Of course they are. And they're your friend on top of that! So that doubly cancels out the degree of ugly they're becoming because you care about them.
I guess I just wanted to share the burden with you. It's something we all have to deal with. Some folks don't actually get better with age. And that's just something we have to deal with.  We, as a nation, we have to deal with this. And we do, by keeping our mouths shut. We're such good people.
Unless you're a blurter and you randomly shout at them "You're ugly now!" or "Why aren't you hot anymore?!" Then that's an entirely new situation. Hey. Truth is truth right?


Mocha said...

Ok I already know we ARE the same but come ON...this is crazy...what conversation did I have with Wes on Saturday... How I don't appreciate ugly people... LOL...

Tiffany said...

Yes. And agreed, ugly people are people too.