Monday, November 29, 2010

Another night at the office

I had one of those complicated ying and yang days. I was working an event at the theatre tonight and I was having to deal with some very...uh...difficult people. So I wasn't having the best night ever. I was angry actually. Very very angry. Not with being there but with the difficult people, person rather, that I was having to manage.
But doesn't life just have an awesome way of swinging back around? Who walks in the door as soon as I'm at my most angry? Gabe. Well, that's his character on The Office at least. I actually had to do a double take because I wasn't sure it was him actually. It was though. A little taller than myself, normal looking, very nice. But yeah, he does kinda perpetually have those crazy eyes. I mean, maybe they're not crazy, but they kinda are right? It's endearing. I learned...through eavesdropping...that he's moved to LA, was in New York to see his girlfriend and The Office is on break from shooting until January. Things that don't really matter, but yes. They're true.
Then, Richard Kind walked in. Now listen, his name might not be a marquee name next to Brad Pitt's, but he's probably the most recognizable character actor in all of Hollywood. So it was kinda fun night of seeing people and a really nice reminder that even when life can make you angrier than a fireball, the small things can completely turn a night around.
And you know I had to include this picture of Gabe from the Halloween episode for good measure. I mean, the GaGa Halloween motif was kinda overdone on television this year, it was funny on the first episode you saw it on and it was tired on every other show that did it after that, but still. He looks like a giganti-saur and it was awesome.

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