Thursday, November 4, 2010

Feelin Lucky

Confession. I kinda love Amy Grant's song Lucky One.
Don't you dare judge me.
I used to go into my parent's bedroom when I was a very little boy and put the CD into the CD player. (That was the only place in the house there was this new invention called a CD player. I'm dating myself here I understand. You kids who have always had iTunes may not remember. A CD is a disk that has music on it.) So I would sit and listen to her CD and for some reason I loved it.
So that's stuck with me til today and now, on my computer, I've got a few songs from that album. It's only now, that I'm older, that I can truly appreciate her foray into "secular" music and how upset the Christian music community got over it. Really gang? Come on. And then she got a divorce! Oh the horror!
Yeah, I'm being snarky. I'll quit for now. But I'm listening to Lucky One right now and feeling happy in a 90's adult contemporary sort of way.

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