Thursday, November 18, 2010


Okay. I've flown quite a bit recently and I've had to deal with both national and international security and while I know they are tightening up on things and that's fine, I just don't understand all of it. I mean, the body scanning and all of that. I just don't really get it.
But what I do get is that this photo is terrifying. I mean, it was the top photo on just now. How terrible does that look? I understand that we have to be thorough but really. Is all that necessary? When I was flying around Europe this summer, we never had to deal with any of that. I mean, it was really easy to go from country to country and while there were metal detectors and all of that, it was much less invasive that it is in the States. While people are getting all hot and bothered by the body scanning thing, I'd much rather have them do that than have this gentlemen with the gloves caress the inside of my thigh. I don't know. What do you think? I have to fly again in about a month and I'm scared now that I'm gonna run into this man with the gloves. It may have just become the third most terrifying thing on Earth to me. (Clearly the first is being buried alive and the second is the giant squid. Clearly.)

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