Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chippy...that's what I named her

Did I ever tell you about the time I made chocolate chip cookies for a friend...minus the chocolate chips? I did. It wasn't an oversight on my part. I mean, what an incredible oversight that would be. I mean, I'd have to be drunk and high to mess up something like that. It was per her request that there not be any chips.
See, she had this idea that she really liked the way that chocolate chip cookies tasted but didn't want the chocolate. She was only interested in the cookie part. Because they don't taste like sugar cookies, they have a different taste to them.
So there I was, standing in her kitchen, drinking the best sweet tea you've ever had, probably eating some form of dips and chips, sifting chocolate chips out of the rest of the ingredients and I'll say it, it was kinda fun. Because who would think that you should make chocolate chip cookies without their namesake ingredient? But we did. And that's kinda the end of the story.
Why the deer? Well, when I typed in chocolate chip cookies on Google, the deer came up and I thought it was too precious to not include. Chippy...Chippy the deer. That's what I named her. Who are you to judge me?
Sometimes, we just need to see something precious. And only for someone precious would I sift out the chocolate chips.

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