Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The best episode of Gossip Girl yet?

Was it?
I think it might have been.
There's a high possibility.
Everything that I love about this show was in this episode. Everything. Lying, backstabbing, truces, love, and if you saw the last minute and a half, uncensored passion.
It was some good television. And that's needed right now. Now that Mad Men has gone on hiatus until next season, where are the good dramatic episodes? Especially on this election week where The Good Wife wasn't new. And while the world of Gossip Girl is so completely unrealistic, it felt good to watch people who have much bigger problems than I do.
And let's face it. You know I love Rachel Zoe but seeing her get covered in chocolate was all kinds of awesome. Awesome that it happened and awesome that she was willing to do that. It just made it great. And you know what? Robyn is weird but I like her. I like her album a lot. It's good walking music and when you live in the city, you need good music to walk to.
So thank you Gossip Girl for giving me a much needed TV kick in the pants. It was the added drama I needed and let's face it. Chuck and Blair are my favorite couple on TV. And I just like when everything in an episode works. And this episode worked in all of it's crazy and obnoxious ways. And really, the last minute and a half was what we've been waiting all summer for. All. Summer. It's November now. That was a long wait and boy was it worth it.
I love television.

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