Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The 500th!!!

It's here! My 500th blog post! AHH!
So many blogs about so much ridiculousness and for some of you, you've been reading since the beginning. I thank you for that. But just like Oprah, I can't be content with where I'm at, which is why I'm launching a brand new, digital magazine called BLEEP magazine!!!
I just figured that I'm surrounded by creative people that are fascinating and I think others will find them fascinating as well. So why not create a forum for them to show off what they do and hopefully inspire others? So, launching 1/1/2011, BLEEPmag is going live! Fashion? Check. Design? Check. Photography? Check. Stage? Check. What's NOW? Check. Digital art? Check. We've got it all in our first issue.
Follow us on Twitter @BLEEPmag and on Facebook. You can also check out the blog www.BLEEPmag.blogspot.com.
This is really exciting and I hope it just gets bigger and bigger! There are some really great artists who are contributing some really great things for this first issue. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to announce this and have the people in my life to make it happen.
So...thank you. Thank you for ready 499 posts beforehand and I hope you continue to read them after. What? Did you think I was going to run out of things to say now? Absolutely not. Keep checking this blog too. Duh. Where else will you hear terrible things about Christina?

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