Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No ma'ams

At what point is "Yes ma'am" and "Yes sir" over when speaking to your parents? I mean, at what age, do they cease to be ma'am and sir and become your friends who you can speak to informally?
For me, that happened in high school. I actually started calling my parents by their first names. Not that they were a fan of that, but it did make us more like friends. You know how high school can be. A terrible time and too many things are going on and changing in our wee little heads. I was CERTAINLY no exception. I was too busy figuring out who I was to be bothered to work on any sort of real relationship with my parents. (really, that's the core of most teenage angst isn't it? Self awareness and sometimes complete selfishness.) But the ma'am and sir thing stopped then.
I know people who are in their twenties who still speak to their parents with the ma'am and sir mentality and while I know that's very southern and very polite, it's also very authoritarian and distancing. There comes a point when you and your parents have to become friends because eventually, one of you is going to have to take care of the other and you might as well be friends.
I do realize that this is going to rub some people the wrong way. But I don't care. I would hate to be in a family where my father was this looming figure over the top of me, like a big ol' judge, waiting to send down a verdict. I much prefer the way things are now. We're friends. They're my parents. They're irreplaceable. But we're friends. I'm 801 years old now. I don't need disciplinarians in my life. That's why I have a friend who'll CHH me and believe me. She does it enough for the lot of you.
So I just don't really understand it. It seems to be something that falls under the good-ol-boy mentality of living that I just don't want to have anything to do with. Manners are great and all but at some point, you have to be equals.

My tree this year

I'm sorry. When did we get our Jessica Simpson back? I mean, when did that happen? Tonight, they are lighting the tree at Rockefeller Center and Jessica Simpson just sang a song from her new Christmas album. And you know what? It was good. It was really good. And she hit quite the note at the end. It's like she has reverted back to her original self, back before Nick and before she got bad. And you know what I have to say about it? It's about time. It's about freaking time. There was no reason to suck so badly for so many years. So way to go Jessica. Way to get your footing back. I still can't look at her when she sings. When she opens that mouth of hers, it's like she's trying to swallow a small elephant. But she sounded good and that's all that matters right?
It's funny that the lighting it tonight because just today, I was talking to someone about the fact that I don't have a Christmas tree in my apartment this year. "I feel like I'm in Home Alone and the Rockefeller tree has become my tree." That's exactly what I said. And here it is, tonight, being lit and all these singing folks are serenading me while I wait. Now to be clear, I'm not out there live. Are you kidding me? Too many people. But I'm watching it on TV. Clearly. I actually have some really important things to be doing tonight but I am putting them off so I can watch this.
And naturally, I have a few more comments. I get that this lil Jackie girl can sing quite brilliantly for her age. At any age for that matter. But doesn't this kinda smell like a Leann Rimes move to anyone else? I mean, can't you totally see lil Jackie in the news in 15 years having some sort of giant life crisis like Leann did? I mean, should we go ahead and start finger pointing at the parents now or later? I get it. She's great. But let's be real. Either that, or we will collectively Billy Gilman her right off the pop culture zeitgeist in a year or two. You never know. That's what's so great about America.
Now to someone older. You know I love Kylie Minogue's new album but is it a surprise that she sang Santa Baby? Not really. How has that become the sexy (cough...slutty) pop girl's Christmas song? Not really. What was surprising was the dead polar bear she was wearing as a jacket.
Now to someone even older. While the Susan Boyle thing is understandable, I have questions about the "Perfect Day" she's talking about because to me, it sounds kinda dreary. Actually, it sounds more than dreary. It sounds like the most abysmal day ever. Why is this song so sad? And why are we singing it on such a happy day in America? This is the lighting of the Rockefeller tree day for God's sake. Why be sad? And usually having a children's choir makes all things better, but in this case, it kinda made it sadder. I dunno.
I just realized that I think there was an extra hour on the New York telecast? There was a whole hour of music before it even aired anywhere else. So I guess this has become more informational than anything since if you weren't on the east coast, you didn't see the first set of performances. But trust me on these.
And I wish I could comment on Boyz II Men singing "This Christmas" but since it's the song I hate most in this life, I muted the TV. But I love the giant glitch in the middle of the show and that David Foster, perhaps one of the most legendary music producers ever, had to cover for lil Charice who had NO CLUE what to do. Has Mean Girls taught us nothing? Make it a sing along fool! I'm so disappointed.
But be that as it may, it's official. My tree is ready for me to go see in the middle of the night and blog about later. I may even download the music from Home Alone to listen to as I stand there. If you know me, you know I will.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Another night at the office

I had one of those complicated ying and yang days. I was working an event at the theatre tonight and I was having to deal with some very...uh...difficult people. So I wasn't having the best night ever. I was angry actually. Very very angry. Not with being there but with the difficult people, person rather, that I was having to manage.
But doesn't life just have an awesome way of swinging back around? Who walks in the door as soon as I'm at my most angry? Gabe. Well, that's his character on The Office at least. I actually had to do a double take because I wasn't sure it was him actually. It was though. A little taller than myself, normal looking, very nice. But yeah, he does kinda perpetually have those crazy eyes. I mean, maybe they're not crazy, but they kinda are right? It's endearing. I learned...through eavesdropping...that he's moved to LA, was in New York to see his girlfriend and The Office is on break from shooting until January. Things that don't really matter, but yes. They're true.
Then, Richard Kind walked in. Now listen, his name might not be a marquee name next to Brad Pitt's, but he's probably the most recognizable character actor in all of Hollywood. So it was kinda fun night of seeing people and a really nice reminder that even when life can make you angrier than a fireball, the small things can completely turn a night around.
And you know I had to include this picture of Gabe from the Halloween episode for good measure. I mean, the GaGa Halloween motif was kinda overdone on television this year, it was funny on the first episode you saw it on and it was tired on every other show that did it after that, but still. He looks like a giganti-saur and it was awesome.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thankful for hygiene

I made a discovery about myself today that was more than somewhat surprising. I no longer bite my nails. Really! It's true!
So I'm in the bathroom, clipping my nails. What? It's a part of life? I'm just telling it like it is. So I'm clipping, and I realize that my nails are all raggedy and busted. That's because I'm not biting them anymore. Now I wish I had an awesome reason why I'm not munchin on them anymore. I wish I'd engaged in some "mind over matter" meditations or had listened to Oprah or something. But I have just stopped biting them. I've even been to the movie theater recently, the place where I usually bit them but I didn't there either! It's a miracle!
Maybe not a miracle. Maybe it was just a long-distance osmosis of good hygiene sent from my mother 1500 miles away. Whatever the reason though, it's happened. And that's something to be thankful for, in keeping with the weekend.
I wish I could LDO some of my other bad habits (long distance osmosis...come on) Like, making the cringe face when I see ugly folks. But you know what? That's just my body's natural response to ugly. I can't control that. Nail biting I can control...apparently. Perhaps some LDO could cure my impulsive response when I see a deep fried Oreo stand at street fairs...I can't not get them. I have to have them immediately. Some LDO would be of good use to my waistline.
But anyways, no more nail biting! How exciting. It's the small things that can make you feel so good about yourself.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The 500th!!!

It's here! My 500th blog post! AHH!
So many blogs about so much ridiculousness and for some of you, you've been reading since the beginning. I thank you for that. But just like Oprah, I can't be content with where I'm at, which is why I'm launching a brand new, digital magazine called BLEEP magazine!!!
I just figured that I'm surrounded by creative people that are fascinating and I think others will find them fascinating as well. So why not create a forum for them to show off what they do and hopefully inspire others? So, launching 1/1/2011, BLEEPmag is going live! Fashion? Check. Design? Check. Photography? Check. Stage? Check. What's NOW? Check. Digital art? Check. We've got it all in our first issue.
Follow us on Twitter @BLEEPmag and on Facebook. You can also check out the blog www.BLEEPmag.blogspot.com.
This is really exciting and I hope it just gets bigger and bigger! There are some really great artists who are contributing some really great things for this first issue. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to announce this and have the people in my life to make it happen.
So...thank you. Thank you for ready 499 posts beforehand and I hope you continue to read them after. What? Did you think I was going to run out of things to say now? Absolutely not. Keep checking this blog too. Duh. Where else will you hear terrible things about Christina?

Monday, November 22, 2010

An open letter to American pop stars

Be better.
That's the moral of the story.
Be better.
What was going on last night on the American Music Awards? What was that? Is that the best that America has to offer as far as music is concerned? I would hope not. Now listen, I know that I usually give a play by play of each performance but some were so terrible that I'm scared to mention them for fear of what might happen. Kinda like in Harry Potter where they won't say Voldemort's name. Same thing.
Basically, I saw the performances last night in a sort of PASS/FAIL sort of way. So I'm going to separate them and only expound on the ones that I feel it's necessary to do so on.

Let's start with those who FAILED. That list includes Rihanna (why was there seven minutes of that filth? She threw on a bathing suit and warbled around on the stage with a bunch of futuristic grass? Fail.), Bon Jovi (how bad did he sound?!) Diddy (he may have the money but he was all kinds of dirty...in the wrong way) Justin Beiber (I hate self-indulgent songs about prayer, especially when they come out of a pre-pubescent boy who dresses like a 60 year old black man and even after all the criticism, won't change his lesbian haircut).

Then there were the ones that PASSED. That list included Katy Perry (she had the best stage show of them all, the opening was LEGIT, and she looked gorgeous...even if she didn't sound so great), the Peas (3 minutes of the backup dancers doing the running man? Absolutely. Primary color jackets? Best thing ever. Elevators that lead to nowhere? Awesome), and Kesha...yes...I said Kesha (all the components worked, she sounded like she sounds on the album, and there were men in heels, but not in a gratuitous GaGa sort of way).

But I gotta say. I have to give the grade of INCOMPLETE to a few folks. Those folks were Miley, (What are you doing? She was like a tone deaf, head banging, witch of Eastwick) Pink (did you just decide not to sing last night in favor of running around and doing NOTHING at all?) and Christina (Oh Christina...everything about it was abysmal. She looked puffy [thats the nice word for it], she had Miss Piggy meets Golden Girls meets strung out Barbie hair, and she was out of breath from being so "sexy.") Honestly, she doesn't even deserve an INCOMPLETE. She deserves an award.
And ladies and gentlemen, the award for most useless, completely irrelevant, grasper for any shred of her former fame goes to.......

You get it. She's a mess.

But hey, the forty year old man from Train wore sequin pants. That's got to count for something right?
All in all, the awards were a mess and the image that America presented to the world about our music was something along the lines "Look at us. We're proving that our singers can't actually sing. They like to jump around a lot, but they aren't actually that good."
I just don't get it. Why didn't Brad Paisley or Lady Antebellum perform? They were there. They both won things. Why didn't they take Diddy's place? I just think there's more to offer than that. Or maybe there's not, which is sad. But at the end of the day, the American Music Awards presented themselves in exactly the way they don't want to be viewed...as the B-List version of the Grammys.

So to American pop stars: Be better. I expect better of you. If you can't sing, don't try. Lip sync. Enrique did last night. Over-zealous, fame hungry, Enrique. Be more like him. I'm talking to you Rihanna. I'm talking to you.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kisses and sharks

It's officially Christmastime! I have seen it! The sign that tells us it's officially Christmastime. Clear as day. You know the sign. You're familiar.
The Christmas Hershey's Kisses commercial!!!
When those little kisses start playing the bells, I know it's officially Christmastime. See, because they don't play it too early so they aren't jumping the shark. (Where did that saying come from anyways? Shark jumping? I just looked it up and it apparently refers to an episode of Happy Days when Fonzie water skis over a shark and everything was downhill from there. For real. Look it up.)
But the kisses have run the bells and it's Christmas! It's something that happens every year and I always forget about it until it happens. Then, without warning, it comes on TV and I immediately perk up. It's this part of the holidays that is comforting because it happens every year. I'm not quite sure what's going to happen the year they stop airing it. How we will know when it's Christmastime? But we'll cross that bridge when we get there. For now, it's Christmas. Because the Kisses told me so.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reason 5673

Reason number 5673 why I love New York: The fact that you can go to some new work of theatre any day of the week. That you're in a place where you can see a musical from the 1950s that isn't a Broadway production but has a stellar Broadway cast. I love that a show like that can run for 4 performances only and sell out all four shows. I love that the old folks in the matinĂ©e audience were talking about having seen Bells Are Ringing when it was first on Broadway in the 50s. I love that Kelli O'Hara is as flawless live as I hoped she would be.
I love that this city is continually creating. It's continually thrusting new artistry out there for people to catch. I love that this city is perpetually doing that.
I was inspired today by that fact. I feel the best when I'm creating and I realized that I've got to carve out time each day to do that. If I don't, I'll just dry up. A dried up, comatose ex-creator that can't tread in the creative waters of this world. And that's just not anything that I ever want to be.

For creative people, creativity comes in waves, but there's something to be said for creating on a daily basis. Creating something. Whether that's writing or painting or dancing or whatever. It's just important to always been functioning in the flow of new ideas. So I spent tonight working on creating, working on writing, and working on refueling myself and my drive. And I feel better.
Just another reason why I love this city. It truly is the best city in the entire world.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Your hearts and empty hoooooooole!

How The Grinch Stole Christmas has just come on television and I think it has single-handedly lifted my mood and my spirits. Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, is next week and there will be a million awesome things going on but tonight, I think that TV knew I would need the Grinch.
There is something about it that I love but it goes beyond nostalgia and it goes beyond the fact that it's just plain awesome. There is a human element to it. Each line that you see was drawn by someone, not by some computer. You can see where the lines don't exactly match up and you can see the human touch in what you're looking at. There's something awesome about that. There's nothing wrong with all the computer animated cartoons that are everywhere now. Nothing at all. But they lack the human element to them, something that they are trying their hardest to recreate with graphics that are as lifelike as possible. But with this hand-drawn animation, you can see the hand of the artist and in a way, that makes it more authentic, more genuine.
And I always feel bad when Max's tail gets caught in the sewing machine. I mean, that just has to hurt right? I love that The Grinch was on tonight. I love it. It's made me incredibly happy and diffused what was a really really foul mood I was in. Did you know there's a website now that you can go to and answer a bunch of questions and it will tell you what mood you're in? There is. www.moodscope.com  Not that I have any interest in that. I'd like to decide my mood thank you very much. But I was in a bad one. And I'm not now. You could say my heart grew three sizes this day.
Sidenote: Has anyone else noticed that one of the wind-up toys he takes is a Sneetch? Anyone? Because we all know that the Sneetches are the best of them all.
But really, the best are these people. We took a trip to Whooville last year together. I love them and thinking about them makes me even happier than the Grinch did.


There's a strange person in my office right now and I will tell you, she's the rudest individual I've ever met. Here's why.
I'm watching The Office from last night. Yes, I watched it when it aired but I wanted to watch it again. So I'm sitting here, watching it in the lobby while I work on other things. They are interviewing new interns for the spring and so she's sitting here waiting to go in for her interview.That's fine, that's fine. Here's what's giving me a red rump.
I laugh at something I didn't catch last night, hence the reason why I am watching it again, and she says "Oh I watched that last night." That's fine. All people should have watched it last night. I acknowledge the fact that she spoke to me. Whatever. We're not friends.
She then says..."The best is when Dwight has the hay ride with the kids and it's in a truck..."
I'm sorry. What if I hadn't watched this yet? What if that hadn't happened yet? What if you just spoiled something I'd been waiting since last night to watch? How inconsiderate. That's just like people who post the winners or eliminated contestants in their Facebook status. Come on. How rude. I mean, I should have just thrown her out right then and there on basis of her lack of consideration. I didn't. But she's been shunned.
Moral of the story: Don't spoil television. It makes me mad and it forces me to have to use Full House references as pictures. That's the ultimate rudeness.


So here's something to think about. So a song sells a ton on iTunes. Does that really make it the number one song in the country? For instance: Teenage Dream, the Glee version, sold the most downloads on iTunes last week so it's now at number one on the charts. But is it really the number one song in the country? Is it the song that is played the most, listened to the most, AND bought the most? I don't think so. It's not on any radio station here, that's for sure.
So I get a little irritated when I read things like "all of the songs from Taylor Swift's album are in the top 40 right now." But they aren't all top 40 songs. Only one of them is...her current single. I know there was a long battle about having iTunes sales count toward the Billboard charts but I just don't think it's even. It's not a fair playing field for artists whose songs might not be selling 100,000 downloads a week but are still in heavy rotation on every radio station in the country.
The word is lopsided. Lopsided.
Did I like that version on Glee? Sure. But is it the number one song in the country? Probably not. Don't Stop Believing was actually the biggest song in the country when it came out. It was absolutely everywhere. That was a rightful number one. Not that any of this matters to the Glee folks at all, just as long as people keep downloading that abysmal Umbrella mash-up, they don't care. Really, between that mash-up and that dreadful mash-up with Crazy in Love and Hair...we've got the best audio torture ever created. Screw waterboarding. If Bush was still in office, he'd be using these songs to make people talk. I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years when Obama's book comes out, he fesses up to using these songs to torture Al Qaeda. The headline will read "Obama Uses Number One Songs to Get Answers." You heard it here first.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Okay. I've flown quite a bit recently and I've had to deal with both national and international security and while I know they are tightening up on things and that's fine, I just don't understand all of it. I mean, the body scanning and all of that. I just don't really get it.
But what I do get is that this photo is terrifying. I mean, it was the top photo on msnbc.com just now. How terrible does that look? I understand that we have to be thorough but really. Is all that necessary? When I was flying around Europe this summer, we never had to deal with any of that. I mean, it was really easy to go from country to country and while there were metal detectors and all of that, it was much less invasive that it is in the States. While people are getting all hot and bothered by the body scanning thing, I'd much rather have them do that than have this gentlemen with the gloves caress the inside of my thigh. I don't know. What do you think? I have to fly again in about a month and I'm scared now that I'm gonna run into this man with the gloves. It may have just become the third most terrifying thing on Earth to me. (Clearly the first is being buried alive and the second is the giant squid. Clearly.)

More than just a rom com

That's what I have to say. Absolutely.
It's about time we have a romantic comedy that doesn't look like a sap fest or like something some writer wrote just to pay the bills. Granted, I feel like I know the entire plot of the movie just from the commercials, but I think all romantic comedies are that way.
So, to celebrate these fantastic new cover photos for this movie, I thought I might talk about two romantic comedies that I love.

You've Got Mail. Here's a film that I've written about too many times to even count really and it never gets old. The reason that it maintains its appeal is more than just Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. The writing it witty and funny and the characters are likable but really, it does what Sex and the City did and made New York the real central character. These people are living through the seasons of their lives through the seasons of New York and it's a love letter. A love letter to the city and a love letter to love itself.

Love Actually. This movie is, in my opinion, the greatest romantic comedy of them all and the fact that it takes place at Christmas gives it that extra blast of feeling that comes with a holiday film. It's got everything you could want in it, all the feelings, all the emotions, everything. And it's a who's who of British actors, all of which are incredibly wonderful. It's hard for me to formulate thoughts when it comes to this film because I think everything about it is flawless.

Love is a many splendid thing, love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love. Of course that's from my ultimate favorite romantic film that isn't so much a comedy but a masterpiece. But I'm glad there are still romantic comedies out there that don't look incredibly formulaic. Not that I know much of anything about Love and Other Drugs, but at least they're pretty on a magazine cover right?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chippy...that's what I named her

Did I ever tell you about the time I made chocolate chip cookies for a friend...minus the chocolate chips? I did. It wasn't an oversight on my part. I mean, what an incredible oversight that would be. I mean, I'd have to be drunk and high to mess up something like that. It was per her request that there not be any chips.
See, she had this idea that she really liked the way that chocolate chip cookies tasted but didn't want the chocolate. She was only interested in the cookie part. Because they don't taste like sugar cookies, they have a different taste to them.
So there I was, standing in her kitchen, drinking the best sweet tea you've ever had, probably eating some form of dips and chips, sifting chocolate chips out of the rest of the ingredients and I'll say it, it was kinda fun. Because who would think that you should make chocolate chip cookies without their namesake ingredient? But we did. And that's kinda the end of the story.
Why the deer? Well, when I typed in chocolate chip cookies on Google, the deer came up and I thought it was too precious to not include. Chippy...Chippy the deer. That's what I named her. Who are you to judge me?
Sometimes, we just need to see something precious. And only for someone precious would I sift out the chocolate chips.

A porn star or a drag queen

You know I usually don't care for Glee.
But okay. This week was on track. There were a few moments of utter despair and molestation of my ears (Umbrella and Singing in the Rain do NOT go together. I wanted to claw my ears out) but come on. Gweneth? She was awesome. I actually prefer her over Shue. A lot. And can we talk about her for a minute? This is the most personality she's ever shown...in anything...ever. Not that I didn't like her before this but I really like her now. She's made herself relevant again in the pop culture world and I love when people do that so successfully. (Christina, take note)
And come on. Conjunction Junction. That was genius. GENIUS.
So I'm glad that just when I had about given up all hope on this show, they have an episode that was great and made sense. The wit was there, the writing was so much better, and it was just a better episode. And I think there should always be wars over tots. If the once relevant Napoleon Dynamite taught us anything, it's that tots are important. And I fully support fighting for what's important to you at that moment.
What's important to me at this moment? A great many things. Being close to someone. Phone conversations with the people I love that show me they love me too. Text messages that are only smiley faces that tell me someone's thinking about me. A great song. A great episode of television. The video on FailBlog of the kangaroo kicking the child. Cooking something delicious that doesn't make me feel like a fatty. Christmas spilling out all over this city. Thanksgiving. Relaxing. A good pen.
So I'm gonna go practice my bi-polar rants and have a little faith for another week that this show could actually becoming something that matters.

Burlesque, burlesque, burlesque, burlesque, burlesque....

I'm four songs into listening to the soundtrack album from Burlesque and I already have questions about this over-sung and over-produced shtick fest. Why have three of the four songs I've listened to all included the word 'burlesque' over and over? Why is that exactly? I get it. It's the name of the movie and it's the setting. But I don't remember the word 'Chicago' being used over and over in that music. I think it's more that the songs have no substance to them other than the fact that she keeps using the word 'burlesque' over and over again. That's when she's not turning EVERY SINGLE WORD into a vocal run. For the love of God just sing and quit it.
Let's be honest. This is just Christina's Back to the Basics album Part Two. That's all this is. And it's not very good either.
There are a few tracks that are quite enjoyable but the album as a whole isn't great. Mostly because Christina rarely varies the way she sings and she consistently sounds like she's trying to take a big bite out of the note as opposed to just singing it. I just want her to do something different. We know she loves to slide up to the high notes, still overcompensating for the fact that Britney sold more albums and was more famous than her, but does she have to do that in every single song?
Oh wait. Now Cher's singing a song about...wait for it...burlesque. And is it just me or did anyone else think that Cher was also given top billing on this thing? Why are there only two songs from her on this album? Now listen, I'm not a huge Cher fan but after all of that over-wrought faux-sexy singing of Christina, Cher's mild and easy singing is like a breath of fresh air.
I'm just disappointed with Christina because she can really really sing. I wanted her last album to be awesome and it was the worst album I've heard in such a long long time. Her Basics album had some really great music on it and I was hoping for more of the same here. Rather, they chose to go the Kesha route and just have a catchy beat with zero substance.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Palin effect

It's no lie that I love Brandy. She's one of my favorite singers.
It's no lie that I don't love Dancing With the Stars. It's a stupid show.
But since Brandy has been on it, I've been watching...and now I won't anymore.
First, I will ask the question that everyone will be asking. "How can Brandy be voted off and Bristol Palin be in the finale of the show?"
First - it's not Bristol's fault. She's trying her hardest just like the rest of them. It's middle America's fault for voting for someone just because her mother is a staunch republican. I mean, come on. If you felt that strongly about it, shouldn't they have voted for her during the Presidential election? It's like the red states are using this TV show as payback for not voting Sarah into office.
Second - there's a standard thing at work here. "I don't need to vote for Brandy because she's so awesome everyone else will." Melinda Doolittle on Idol anyone? How about Allison Holker on SYTYCD? You'd think that after a decade in the reality TV business, people would understand at this point. But they don't.
So I'm done since my girl is gone. But yes, I will continue to listen to her every day on my iPod like I already do. Nothing changes really except she won't be wearing silly outfits each week dancing around.
What a failure of a TV season? Kinda like the finale winner of American Idol last year. What was his name again? I don't even remember. Again, thank you middle America. You have the absolute worst taste in reality TV show winners.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Football season? Nah. Quidditch!

 Today, I experienced something that was kinda amazing. The Quidditch World Cup was in New York City this year and the field less than a block from where I work was transformed into Quidditch fields. Now for you who are daft, Quidditch is the fictional game that JK Rowling created in Harry Potter. This is the fourth year that there has been a World Cup, next year's competition is in Scotland. But it was here this weekend and it was like walking into another world. A world where it's okay to be a Potter fanatic and it's okay to believe that the game you're playing right now is real. Kids dressed as Harry, commentators just like in the movies, MTV was there filming it for a segment to air next week when the new Potter movie comes out...I mean, this was a big deal. And it was fascinating, something that I am overjoyed that I got to experience because of how strange the whole thing is. Well, and the best thing were all the Ivy League schools that were involved with it. Yale and Harvard both had teams there! LSU, Texas A&M, Villanova and NYU all had teams there too. There were teams from all over the world. So - while I may not have been able to make it to the theme park yet, I have been to the Quidditch World Cup and seen all that there is to see there. Wow.

Pre-game interviews, post-game interviews with the coaches, strategy interviews. All in a day's work for the Quidditch player.

Merchandise for sale. Obviously.
 It wouldn't be a Potter event without owls right?
 The best fan poster I saw all day.
 Okay. Clarification. The guy in yellow is the snitch. You can see he's got that blue ball attached to his belt and that's what they are trying to get. So it's sorta like capture the flag mixed with flag football. The rest of the game works basically the same as in the movie. BUT - at the beginning of the game, the snitch takes off running...through the streets of NYC and they have to chase him. It was kinda awesome because this guy in yellow would be running down 11th Avenue while a guy or girl with a Harry Potter broom between their legs would be chasing after them. I mean, that's a good scene.
 The Aggies preparing to take the field.
 Possibly the best shirt I've EVER seen.
 You can see the three rings there that they have to get the dodgeball through.

 Yes. There were mascots (even though this one looks like a sunburned "human being" from Community.)
What an incredible afternoon. It was the most perfect fall day in the history of fall days and there was a heaping helping of ridiculousness poured out all over the park on 52nd street. Awesome.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Still my girl

VH1 has been playing marathons of Saturday Night Live for days now and so I've been watching it. Turns out, one of Britney's episodes was on today so I clearly scheduled my day around it.
It was an episode from 2002, when it was all about Slave and Not a Girl. Having eight years of separation from this, I was interested to see her performance again...not knowing whether I would still have the same love for it that I'm sure I did the first time.
Here's the thing. The girl sounded good. She sang Not a Girl, which is kinda a dippy song, but appropriate for where she was at then, and between her and her two background singers, it was really good. I mean, really good. Especially when I compare it to the out of tune performances of Katy Perry and Rihanna last night on the MTV EMAs. People have knocked on her since she first came onto the scene because she's not a powerful singer, and that's fine. But I was surprised when I watched it again how solid it was.
So yes, I'll be listening to the Britney catalog for the remainder of the day.