Thursday, October 14, 2010


You know I try to stay away from politics - albeit that hasn't really been true recently - but wow. Just wow. I know this clip is going to go around the world and you've probably seen it already. But wow.
Here's the deal. Is Bill O'Reilly right in what he's saying? Who knows. Is he right in how he says it? Absolutely not. Are some of these women right in how they say things? No.
But this is the problem I have with these sorts of political pundits. They're so incredibly divisive. This could have happened a completely different way. This could have been a rational discussion because, believe it or not, they have those on The View. But instead, O'Reilly seemed to be hell-bent on making sure he made these women look about two inches tall.
The other side of me loves this argument because of how real it is. This was not a fake argument for show. This was a real argument and this man made these two women THAT angry that they had to walk off the set in order to not say or do something they would regret. Now, tomorrow, will they regret the walk off? I don't know. Something tells me they won't, especially with the ratings boost tomorrow's show is going to get. I also love that the media loves to make Elizabeth the crazy one of the bunch but she seems to be the most calm. I dunno. I think this also speaks to the divisive nature of Ground Zero in general and the fact that Americans are heated about it. Again, we don't do anything of the fact that it's become a tourist circus over there with t-shirts, mugs, and food vendors, but we care about this mosque going in. I dunno. I was just blown away by this video.

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