Sunday, October 3, 2010

When Oprah met Jo

If you haven't watched the Oprah interview with JK Rowling, you should. There's something about it that is fascinating and while I haven't been able to figure out what it is, tonight, I think I did.
These are the two biggest female names in the world. They eclipse every world leader, every other celebrity, and every genre. They are the two women in the world that have achieved a level of fame that can not be compared to any other person. And there they are, talking candidly to each other, because Jo (JK) is just as much an interviewer of Oprah. And that's part of why it worked. (I love that Oprah called her Jo for the entire interview, because that's her name. And I love that. She didn't use her literary name JK. I love it.)
But the real reason it was awesome was that they are equals. Never before has Oprah interviewed her equal until this interview. They are the top of their respective fields, a field that they both share in a very interesting venn-diagram sort of way and it's my belief that that's why it worked and that's why the interview was so engaging. It's also my belief that that's why Jo was able to talk so candidly to Oprah. She was talking to someone who can actually understand what the term billionaire means.
Jo presented herself as a normal woman who has dealt with this very abnormal thing that has happened to her. She's seen all her wildest dreams come true, yet she still takes the bus. And, as a writer, I've never been more inspired to write than after her interview. I didn't want the interview to end. I wanted her to keep talking. I want to sit with her and just talk to her. And I've found a new literary hero or sorts.
So fine. I'll add her to the list of heroes in my life. Right there next to David Beckham and the Lone Ranger. Because like I said, I've never been more inspired as a writer than listening to her speak.

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