Monday, October 4, 2010

Under a-wrist

People are wearing some stupid stuff these days but that's not new news. But I have such a problem with these silly bandz. SUCH A PROBLEM.
First off, they are about the gayest thing I've ever seen. All these rainbow squiggly bands on your arms like you're Rainbow Bright at a rave? Really? Everyone is wearing them. I'm aware of this. But that doesn't make them alright. Some kid in Nebraska or something is going to choke and die. And let me tell you something gang. They aren't that cute. Actually, they are quite the opposite.

This made me think of other wrist accessories from the past. The most obvious choice is slap bracelets. I mean, that was the biggest wrist fad ever and wasn't it fun? It was so fun just slappin those bracelets on over and over, which progressed to slapping them onto others and that led to getting in trouble in class. But wasn't the fun over once the idiot figured out it was a thin strip of metal and they started slitting their wrists? Right. The fun was over then. And looking back on them, those were some ugly bracelets. I mean, we don't need bracelets that have every possible pattern on it. We just don't. Especially ones that are actually weapons of death.
I vote no on both of these bracelets. We don't need them. And all that silicone that makes up the silly bandz should be going where it's supposed to boobs or something. I dunno. But not on the wrist.

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