Saturday, October 9, 2010


So I'm watching an episode of the Golden Girls right now and it's the Christmas episode where they have a big storm and can't fly to their families. So they go to a diner and offer to watch the place so the nice waiter can go home and see his family. And then he does.
I'm just trying to think of a scenario that wasn't I Love Lucy where that would actually happen. I mean, I get that they are old ladies and whatever, but I just saw The Town. What if they were robbers dressed as old ladies? Yes, this was the 80s but really. Is that actually possible? No. It's not.
I think that's the definition of a simpler time.
I learned another definition today. Baby corn. It's actually an interesting story. A girl was eating baby corn in the lobby of the theatre and asked about it. Okay, so it wasn't that interesting. Turns out, it's just aborted regular corn before it grows up. I thought that was interesting and it makes sense. I mean, you've never seen a baby corn stalk anywhere right? So it makes sense that they be little corn-lettes.
Since those two things weren't really related at all, I think I should throw this in there as well. I saw Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) walking down the street today. He walked past me and I did a quadruple take and had this profound moment when I realized that my entire life may just be one big flash forward from LOST. That's deep yo. That's deep.

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