Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bloody bloody good.

I will immediately tell you what I think about anything. Anything, that is, except films and theatre. Those two things usually take some time for me to fully process. It's like my opinions and thoughts need to germinate.
But tonight, I saw the newest Broadway musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson because everyone has been saying nothing but good things about it, it sold out its run Off-Broadway and has made the move to the big White Way, and let me tell you, I didn't leave disappointed.
It's new, it's trendy, it's irreverent, kinda raunchy at times...yeah I loved it. It's not a traditional musical by any means. No orchestra, no poppy tunes to make the pre-teens run out and get the album and sing it in karaoke, no set changes. But the costumes were kinda incredible, the actors were really good, and the lead actor, Benjamin Walker is really all kinds of great. (side note: I was sitting dead center front row and he shook my hand during a song. Irrelevant I know, but still a fun time) The music was really great, the set was really interesting and gave the audience PLENTY to look at, and it was brilliantly executed. It was hysterical at parts, the characters were so fascinating, and the way that it was all modernized yet not modernized at all was amazing. It's hard to talk about theatre on a blog and be as descriptive as I'd like since there's no real way to do justice to making the Congressmen in Washington super flamboyant and dance to Spice Girls music. Yes. It happened. Yes, it was incredible.
I guess the best thing to say is that, to me, it lived up to the hype.
I like things that are trendy but when it comes to theatre, I tend to like things that are timeless. Is it the kind of musical that will stand the test of time on Broadway? I don't think so. It's too trendy and not commercially appealing enough. The same thing happened to Spring Awakening, but I can say without pause that the story in Bloody Bloody is incredibly more engaging than the insipid "love" story in Spring Awakening. I thought Bloody was bloody brilliant in the way it told its story and it was really entertaining. It was my snap judgement as soon as it ended. And I stand by it.

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