Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bandwagon fans make me sick

I think it's strange that people who have no affiliation with a certain college can be so gung-ho about their football teams. I mean, I love my Baylor Bears, but that's because I went there. I actually went to the school so it makes sense. This is the big Texas/OU weekend in Dallas and everyone is on a side. But here's the question. How many of you people actually went to either of those schools? Why are you cheering for a school that you didn't go to?
I get nationwide sports and why we choose a particular city team to cheer for. But colleges? Why are there people who I know went to a Bible school that are rooting for the Longhorns like they live and breathe the University of Texas? This is just something that has always irritated me. Bandwagon fans. I wanted to be at a big school with real sports, so I transferred to one. Therefore, I can cheer and be crazy about them. But why are there people cheering for certain schools when they didn't go there, their parents didn't go there and their kids don't go there?
I think you're all bandwagon fans and it's not okay. I realize that nothing I say is going to change anything about it, but I'm just letting it be known. I think you should have to have an actual affiliation with the school to be able to go crazy for their sports teams. And that's the truth.

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Anonymous said...

You know, my Dad went to OU but I didn't. I've followed OU for over 45 years. I think that makes me a fan. I have an uncle who went to Arkansas and I have been following them for over 45 years. I think that makes me a fan. I have a brother-in-law who went to A&M and I have been following them for over 30 years and I think that makes me a fan. I know no one who went to Notre Dame but I've been following them for over 25 years so I think that makes me a fan. My school didn't have any big time sports but they had the major I needed at the time. I had to adopt a few sports schools to satisfy my need to be a fan. Let's call it a hobby now rather than being a fan and I think that would be o.k. By the way, I have a good amount of money invested in Baylor because I have a son who went there. I want to be a Baylor fan too! Oh, excuse me. It's just a hobby.