Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Apologies in advance - couldn't control my mouth

 Maybe, because of all of the gay-bashing and the wave of gay teen suicides, these people will finally get put down? Perhaps this is the catalyst that can take down these (this word edited for content)
If this is what represents Christianity in the world, then I don't want to be known as one. Cut the label out if that's what it means. I've been talking about Westboro for years now and maybe at this point, they will go down.
The Supreme Court is hearing their case this week. How dare they picket soldiers' funerals? How dare they? So here's hoping the Supreme Court takes them down. I'm all for free speech, but eventually, someone is going to open fire on these people and blow them all away. It's bound to happen. I suppose they can ask Jesus about all of this at that point, I'm just afraid they won't like what they hear. Pretty sure there isn't a message of hate in the Bible. Pretty sure I've been reading it since I was a fetus and hate isn't the theme. Just sayin.Not trying to be preachy, but I'm not about hate when it comes to people and these folks are all about the hate. It's like they've never listened to the Beatles before. All you need is love right?

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Rando Blogs said...

You know, we live in an "extreme society" and it is very polarized. Hate can be a very strong word but tolerance can be a weakness. To not allow someone who died for a generally accepted cause to have a ceremony of dignity is crass. It doesn't matter who died. To not give a little grace at that point is not Christian but I don't believe we should run from a title such as Christianity that does give us a modicum of positive direction. I have sat beside several men who died of AIDS because there was no one else willing to sit with them as they died. I did not want them to die alone. At the same time, I would never condone the lifestyle that led to their death. As a Christian, I tried to help someone at their point of need but I cannot tolerate the lifestyle or I become the same hypocrit as those with the signs in your picture. I know we've heard it said that God hates the sin but not the sinner. Some people don't get it obviously. A real Christian does.