Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Top 10 episodes

In keeping with the theme of this week, I thought I would highlight some of my favorite episodes of television and why they are so great. I know you're all excited.

First, I will start with FRIENDS, because everything in my life starts with FRIENDS. It's "The One with all the Candy" where Monica is making all the chocolates for the neighbors. You know, firebeard, smokes-a-lot lady and the woman who has sex loudly. It's also the episode where Ross is trying to teach Pheobe how to ride a bicycle and if you don't think that is not one of the funniest things on this show, then I am shocked...SHOCKED.

Everybody Loves Raymond is such a funny show and it's classic because everyone has family that are crazy like the people here. My favorite episode is the one where Ray decides to give Marie the Christmas present of her dreams, a family portrait. I love this episode so much because in the end, the entire family, both sides of it, are all in the same portrait. I loved it so much that I wanted my entire family to take just a picture, with both sides of the family all together. And it happened and it's one of my favorite things that I own.

I was a latecomer onto the Frasier train but it's really a superb sitcom. My favorite episode is actually the episode when Frasier writes and scores his own new theme song for his show, making a huge production out of it by having an orchestra, a choir and one very shady percussionist. I can't help but see a bit of myself in Frasier in this episode. Plus the theme song is actually awesome.
In the world of Frasier, this episode showcases all the actors in a way that makes each one more neurotic than the last. I can't help but see a little (lot) of my friends in that too.

In keeping with the musical theme, it makes sense to list my favorite episode of Saved By the Bell here since it's the episode where they become rock stars and the Zack Attack takes over. It's a classic tale of garage band to overnight sensation, all narrated by Casey Kasem. The acting is terrible, the studio singers they are lipsyncing to are horrendous, but it's just so great when they are all in their early 90s sequins. Gotta love Zack's green sequin jacket. Gotta love it.

Here's something recent. Yes. Community. The episode titled "Modern Warfare" is one of the greatest episodes of television I've ever seen. It plays out like a movie and it exploits all of the cliches that TV and movies have given to us. It's brilliant and I've shown it to people who don't even watch the show and they have echoed my sentiments.

Next, I give you the "Traveling Feast" episode of Will and Grace. There is something about having all of these cast members together for the entire episode, traveling to see each person's families and dealing with each person's individual irrational issues that is so funny. Plus, the opening where they are all on the phone together is so great and so perfect that it makes the telephone song in Bye Bye Birdie seem amateur.

I bet you didn't expect to see The Simpsons on my list huh? Well, the episode entitled "Behind the Laughter," the spoof of Behind the Music that they did, is brilliant in the way that the Community episode is brilliant. It takes something that everyone is all too familiar with and flips it, making fun of both Behind the Music and The Simpsons craze at large. It's some funny funny TV with some really hysterical moments that are all too poignant because we've seen actual musicians be as idiotic as the cartoon is being.

30 Rock. Now I know I've talked about this episode before but "Episode 210," named as such because of the writer's strike more than likely, features the entire case breaking into song over the span of the last 3 minutes of the episode. This episode brings together everything that is good about the world. Coffee addiction, spontaneously breaking into song, and Gladys Knight. The "Kidney Now" episode is a close 2nd but this one takes the cake.

And finally. The most classic of all of them. The I Love Lucy episode entitled "The Operetta" where Lucy writes the opera to make money for the club and employs all of the gang to perform in it. She post-dates the checks and at the end, they come and take away all the sets during the performance. It's comic genius and in the realm of Lucy, it's underrated. I watched this with my grandmother, my parents, and my siblings and we were all dying of laughter, proving that it holds up to three generations of viewers.

The last one is just for kicks. You all know that on America's Next Top Model when Tyra screams at that stupid girl that it was the absolute best reality TV show judging moment ever. There will never be anything greater. I mean, she ripped that girl a new one and when I see that it's coming on TV for a marathon or something, I stop what I'm doing because Tyra is gonna yell! Really, I've called people to come over just so we can all watch it together and cheer her on as she yells at that girl. It's so crazy, so over the top, her weave is so insane...it's one of my favorite television moments. Right up there with Kelly Clarkson winning Idol and a film montage at the Oscars.

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