Monday, September 13, 2010

They're in my 5

We all know I love television and this is the week that the shows come back, so you can understand why I would be excited. But I was talking to a friend today about our favorite characters on TV and I thought I would share my list that I came up with. Really, these are my list of characters who are currently on television. It's not some sort of all time list or anything and they aren't really in an order.

Phyllis from The Office. I feel like Phyllis is the underrated funny-woman of this show. She's always got something to say and her soft-spoken lines are some of the funniest on the show, if you just bother to listen to them. Plus, her wedding is one of the funniest episodes of the series.

Joan from Mad Men. She's the ultimate 60's woman. She knows what the men think she's supposed to be in life and she uses that to get what she wants. Where Peggy can be ugly and annoying sometimes and where Betty can be an immature child, Jo
an lords over the female (and often male) characters on the best show on television.

Scottie from Brothers and Sisters. He's the one character that hasn't completely lost his mind on this show. Even his dramatic story lines are handled with grace. He seems like a breath of fresh air, not only on a show that's as dramatic as his is, but on the TV scape as well.

Tracy Jordan from 30 Rock. He doesn't get a lot of credit because Tracy Jordan and Tracy Morgan seem so interchangeable, but isn't that kinda brilliant? His lines on this show are so incredibly ridiculous and incredibly off-the-wall and he delivers each one so effortlessly that he's the jewel of this show. While every character on the show is awesome, Tracy is the craziest of them a
nd that makes him a step above the others.

Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. I don't think I need to explain.

So I'm excited to see what all of these characters do this year on television. One day, I hope to be creating characters that will end up on someone else's list on some obscure blog site. That would be pretty cool. Pretty cool indeed.

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