Sunday, September 26, 2010

Texas our Texas

You know I don't usually cover sports on here but I did want to make a mention of this. The Texas Rangers are going to the playoffs for the first time in like 11 years or something. I'd like to explain why that's a big deal.
Because growing up, the Rangers have been real bad. I mean, when there are five dollar seats and even those are no where close to being sold out, you've got a problem.
But they've been knockin em' out of the park this year. Literally. And as of yesterday, they are headed to the playoffs.
I really do love baseball games. Not because I love the sport. I don't. But I just like being there. The atmosphere is so great. Live sporting events are just always so much more fun than watching them on TV. Honestly, watching baseball on TV is one of the least fun things in the world to me. Football I can watch on TV but baseball? No. But being there is so fun. All the shouting, the over-priced ballpark foods, dancing around during the 7th inning stretch or if you are me and my friends, dancing around and making it onto the big screen at Baylor games. Yes.
So congrats to the Rangers. Don't drop the ball now.

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