Sunday, September 19, 2010

'Switch'in it up

I saw The Switch today and it's got me thinking. I understand that they are always looking for new stories to tell and it's not new information that women have conceived babies through alternate means that don't involve sex. I don't think the movie was all that bad really, I enjoyed it. But it wasn't because of the sperm donor story and it wasn't because of Jason Bateman. It was the kid.
This kid was extraordinary. He was who I imagine Rory Gilmore was when she was a kid...and if she were a boy.
But that's not what got me thinking. I was thinking about the whole pregnancy thing. Now, being a member of the sex that doesn't have to deal with havin babies, I don't usually think a lot about it. But one of my close friends from growing up is all kinds of preggo right now so I've been thinking more about it. I understand that the most ideal situation is that there are both masculine and feminine influences in the kid's life. Gotta be balanced right? But, as our culture changes and we are able to do other things through science, what about then?
What happens? Single parents have been raising kids for decades. I guess I just wonder what the difference is between a single mother who had sex and a single mother that didn't. I just wonder about it. I didn't come to any sort of enlightenment about it. Just a casual thought.
Anyways, the movie was alright. The kid stole the show.

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