Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some less-popular Disney

Have you seen the Disney movie Ichabod and Mr. Toad? I mean, I've seen Ichabod a ton of times because it used to play around Halloween every year you know? But I honestly don't think I ever saw Mr. Toad, or if I did, I was far too young to remember it.
Here's the basic plot. There is a toad that wants a car and they think he stole it so he is in jail and all of these talking animals (my favorite isn't the Sherlock Holmes-ish swamp rat but the mole. Yes. A mole) are trying to prove he's innocent.
Right. But the problem is, this toad is crazy. And I mean, really really crazy. Like, he perhaps needs to be locked up just to keep him away from endangering the common moles and badgers. I mean, he found every possible place of danger to put himself into and he just went for it with gusto. Crazy ass frog.
If you haven't watched it before, please do so. It's only half an hour long, but it's worth it to understand that amount of crazy that Disney put onto the screen. I mean, he's the stupidest, craziest, most mentally unstable character I've ever seen in a Disney film (which is saying something since I've seen ALL the know, the talkies...)

But before I leave you, can we talk Ichabod for a sec? Has anyone ever actually looked at this character and seen how they destroy him? I mean, they take this man and devastate him. And no one has said anything about it? And that headless horseman is terrifying. Like, the witch in Sleeping Beauty terrifying.
So the end of the two episodes is with a crazy frog and a crazy school teacher. Great moral of the story. Great.

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