Thursday, September 16, 2010

A rough topic, but I'm sayin it

So there is some sort of interweb scuffle going on about the new covers of Elle magazine. They gave 4 women their own cover of the magazine for some special deal that no one really cares about and they included Gabourey Sidibe as one of those woman. Great! She's a great actress, she was all kinds of hysterical on SNL and now she's on a show on HBO or whatever. Perfect.
But the hooplah is over the fact that the other girls are skinny
and she's oh-my-god huge. Well, that's not really it but if we're being real, that's what it's about. They are irritated that everyone else is a full body shot and hers is up close. BUT - for the painful yet very real reason I just said above, it makes sense.
Sorry Gabby. But this is it. Bigger girls can be cover girls. Jennifer Hudson? Cover girl. Oprah? Cover girl. But they aren't so big that there isn't a way to make clothes look flattering. I think this isn't anything new and really, the point of the magazine is to sell clothes. So she's got to support that point. If she can't do that, then she shouldn't be on the cover.
Again, I like this girl. She was ALL KINDS of funny on SNL and she deserved that Oscar nom. But this situation begs the fashion, there are skinny girls, there are semi-normal girls, there are plus-sized girls. But what about the plus-plus-plus sized girls?
The girl that got kicked off of Top Model last night was kicked off because they could see her ribs and they told her she needed to get healthy. Tyra got all Oprah on her and was telling her about her life and how she needed to get it together and all that. Maybe Tyra needs to talk to Gabby and tell her to lay off the doughnuts or something. You don't have to be stick thin, and you can be nominated for an Oscar no matter how you look (Kathy Bates anyone?) but if you want to be on a magazine cover...

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