Monday, September 20, 2010


There are moments in television that are just brilliant. I feel that those moments are a weekly occurrence on Mad Men and I know that I keep harping on it and talking about how great this show is, but it stands to be doted upon.
Last night's episode was all about the women. The beautiful women that populate this show. As much as this show is all about the men, they've realized that it's the women that actually drive it. This episode provided, what I believe, to be the funniest thing that's ever happened on this show (Don's secretary) and a particularly poignant moment that was both beautiful and heartbreaking.
I think that poignant moments usually are both beautiful and heartbreaking. There is something beautiful in a moment when something breaks inside of you, and while heart break hurts, I really feel like it's that hurt that allows something new to fill in the gaps. I mean you've got to crack an egg to get to the good stuff inside.
This show is beautiful. The day today was beautiful. I met some beautiful people. And I got some frikken awesome news. I choose to believe I lived in the continued poignancy of the moment from Mad Men. Except for the frikken awesome news. That's because I wrote a bad ass paper. That's on me.

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